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Monster Prom – Lunch Time Event Guide

The guide to the most important time of the day Lunch!

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So, the way to play this game- and win at it- is to gain stats and keep them different from one another. Success or failure depends on a skill being higher or lower than the other skill it’s pitted against. You also need to get heart points with your chosen classmate, but these are unfortunately hidden. I’m not going to do a deep dive into that in this guide- instead, I’m going to help you with Lunch Period.

During Lunch Period, you will see the main six characters at the lunch tables, along with the Shopkeeper, and one random side character or side characters at their own table. Sometimes side characters will sit with a pair of main characters, but they only influence the event that’ll occur, not what you can gain from said event.

For the tables with two main characters sitting at it, you’ll gain heart points with the character whom you side with for the events. It’s usually pretty easy to tell who’ll like what choice- For instance, when Polly and Damien are being pursued by the Janitor, Damien can’t go into the ghost zone, and Polly wouldn’t have diplomatic immunity. Since these are relatively simple, I won’t go into detail about this portion of Lunch.

For the table with the Shopkeeper, it’s the usual fare- her selection may be reduced from the normal periods, so it’s good to keep that in mind, and maybe save the shopping trip if you would be better off gaining heart points with your chosen character, or skill points.

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Finally, we come to the heart of this guide. There are five different side characters or groups of side characters that you can sit with at Lunch, and these five will give you a +4 to certain stats. This is the biggest pure gain of skill you can get in the game, so who you sit with at Lunch could be the key between victory or defeat. I’ll be outlining the basics of the events and what choice leads to what stat gain, since it’s not as obvious.


Overall, you’ll want to visit Coach’s table if you need Fun, as he’ll always have a +Fun option. Two of his events have +Bold options, and the other has a +Charm option. Keep in mind that it’ll be random what events you’ll get, so if you’d be better off getting heart points with your chosen character, do that.

When Coach demands you have dietary supplements, your options are:

  • Palomino Gold, which gives you +4 Charm
  • The bottle labeled ‘Party Time’ in Chinese, which gives you +4 Fun

When he demands you warm up before eating, the options are:

  • Playing football with your food, which is +4 Fun
  • A Ridiculous amount of push-ups, which is +4 Bold

Finally, when he demands that you drink supplements instead of milk, the options are:

  • Both, which is +4 Bold
  • Whiskey, which is +4 Fun

The Coven

The Coven is more of a mixed bag than Coach. Overall, they have two events with +Money options, and two with +Creative options, as well as a +Fun and a +Smarts. This’ll rely on what event you get, so they’re a good option if you need to diversify your stats, or want +Money or +Creative.

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When the Coven are arguing over the wish maker, the options are:

  • A bag of quarters, which is +4 Money
  • A fry reheater, which is +4 Fun

When the Coven ask you to join them for a 3 episode adventure as a Creature Sidekick, your options are:

  • Income Equality, which is +4 Money
  • The Crime Ghost, which is +4 Creativity

Finally, when they state they’ll practice a spell on you, the options are:

  • A all seeing spell, which is +4 to Smarts
  • A spell to turn into 2 Helicopters, which is +4 Creativity

The Slayer

The Slayer is your best option when you need +Bold, as she always has a +Bold option in her events. She also has two events with a +Fun option, and one with a +Charm option. Just keep in mind that her events are randomized, so if you need heart points with your chosen character, go for that instead.

When the Slayer asks you to help her defeat the Werewolf of Wall Street, the options are:

  • Gun-Haver, which is +4 Bold
  • Partysmith, which is +4 Fun

When the Slayer asks about your friend’s weaknesses, the reward options are:

  • How to be the protagonist, which is +4 Charm
  • How to make someone’s head explode with a punch, a +4 Bold option

Finally, when she punches your knees under the table and you defeat her with an apple, your rewards are:

  • Garlic, Rice, and Holy Water, which is +4 Fun
  • A stake gun emblazoned with EAT $HIT, the +4 Bold option

The Wolfpack

Another more mixed bag, like the Coven. They have two +Charm options, and then one each of +Creative, +Bold, +Fun, and +Smart. Just keep in mind that it might be better to select your chosen character and build heart points than sit with the Wolfpack, unless you desperately need stats.

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When they call you one of them, (to the point of chanting it), your activity options are:

  • Howling at the moon, which nets you +4 Charm
  • The ancient Japanese art of Ikebana, a +4 Creative choice

When the Wolfpack steals your jerky lunch, your options are:

  • Demanding it back, the +4 Bold option
  • Drinking the poison, which is +4 to Fun

Lastly, when you help the Wolfpack remember that they need to breath, your rewards are:

  • Them teaching your Calculus, which is +4 Smarts
  • A extreme makeover, which is +4 Charm

The Interdimensional Prince

The Interdimensional Prince is also a mixed bag of Skill Up options. He has two +Money options, two +Charm options, a + Creative option and a +Smart option. Keep it in mind that it’s good to give yourself heart points with your chosen character, but he’s a good option if you need that sick dosh.

If you help the Prince with his HDMI settings, your rewards are:

  • The ritual to make up a ritual, which is +4 Creative
  • A pile of money… ritual? Which is +4 Money

If you help the Prince with choosing a ringtone for his smartphone, your rewards are:

  • Telepathy, which is +4 Smarts
  • An A$$ That Won’t Quit, which is +4 to Charm

Finally, if you help the Prince get a pickle jar open, your rewards are:

  • The title of Handsome Minister, a +4 to Charm
  • A unscrupulous Treasurer title, which is +4 to Money
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