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Mordhau: Admin and Server Commands

Mordhau console can be opened by pressing one of the following keyboard hotkeys: (`), (~) or (End).Type a command into the text box and hit enter to send it. Happy cheating!

Note: You must be logged in as an Administrator in order to make use of this commands, otherwise you won’t be able to use them.

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Mordhau Admin Commands

  • adminlogin <password> // required to perform any other admin command
  • adminlist // lists current admins
  • adminadd <STEAMID64> // adds a new admin to the adminlist
  • removeadmin <STEAMID64> // removes specified admin from the admin list
  • changelevel <map name> // Changes the map
  • restartlevel // restarts the current map
  • addbots <integer> // adds desired number of bots
  • removebots <integer> // kills desired number of bots
  • kick <user name / steamid64>
  • ban <user name / steamid64)
  • unban <user name / steamid64)
  • banlist – lists banned players.
  • exit // exits Mordhau game program
  • disconnect – disconnects you from the server.
  • demorec name – records a demo.
  • demostop – stops a demo.
  • demoplay – plays a demo.
  • Stat FPS – Shows the FPS counter

Part #2

  • slomo <value> – added as an admin command in Alpha build #2). slomo .5 will get you 50% speed. slomo 2 will get you 200% speed.
  • Slomo x – Chuck a number after this one, it will change the speed of the game. (Slomo 2 for double speed, slomo .5 for half speed). Useful for practicing chambers/drags against bots, but obviously it won’t work in multiplayer.
  • PlayersOnly – Freezes all the bots, but lets you keep walking around. This one is a toggle, so enter it again to unfreeze everyone. Again, singleplayer only.
  • ChangeSize x – Another singleplayer only command for obvious reasons, this one changes the size of your character. Yes, you can set it to 100, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Also goes both ways, so ChangeSize .5 will put you at half height.
  • m.ShowCrosshair 0 – To disable crosshair. Needs to be typed again after game relaunch.
  • m.inverseattackdirection 1 – Good for one that want to invert their required attack direction (default is moving toward windup direction for an attack, and command make it so you can just move mouse in direction of your attack).
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