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Mortal Kombat 1 How to Farm Mastery Points Fast

This guide will allow players to bypass the insane mastery grind in a way that makes sense.

Mortal Kombat 1 How to Farm Mastery Points Fast

PSA: When invasion asks you to auto allocate stat points or manual, PRESS MANUAL TO SAVE YOUR SANITY. I PRESSED AUTO AND NOW I HAVE TO RESPEC EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER.

Step One: Get max level in invasion. Just buy the xp items from the shop in Wu Shi academy. This coupled with playing through the maps will get lv 30 very fast. The XP items refresh every hour, so you could just buy them repeatedly if you want. The dragon horn and bone give so much XP, the eye is a waste of koins.

Step Two: Allocate all points into Attack. This will grant you an insane amount of ancient power to destroy the most formidable foes in the game. (Or farm XP).

Step Three: Go to the first map in the game, the Fenjian Village, and go to the start of the map. The first encounter is a level one Kitana. Enter the battle, and perform the uppercut Brutality by holding the button when you execute the attack. You will one shot her, and gain the Brutality XP bonus, the quick match finish one, and also the flawless battle one if you can kill her without getting hit.

Step Four: Turn on some Nirvana (or your choice of music) and grind tf out of this before NRS patches this. It takes about 30 mins to get level 14 to unlock your second fatality.

Bonus: You unlock your second fatality at character level 14, and 100 dragon krystals at level 20. Idk what is passed this i haven’t gotten that far yet, but i think the maskless ninja versions are in the master track.

Bonus 2: you can respec stats by buying the white enenra core from the Wu Shi academy.

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