A small (for now) list of tips and tricks that I learn while advancing through the game. A work in progress.


This is a small guide simply designed as a catalogue of tips and tricks that I have found while experimenting with the game. I will add more things as I go along and discover more. Some of these things will be obscure and some will be very obvious, but I aim to teach everyone at least one thing. If you have anything that’s not in the guide, feel free to comment it down at the end and I will add it with the appropriate credits.


The contents of this list are in no particular order. I may organize them as more are added, but for now there is not enough content.

  • You can use gun pushback to propel yourself backwards or upwards. I use it to get to secrets up high or away from groups of enemies.
  • It is possible to have negative pushback, such that firing your guns will move you forward. As far as I have seen, M-29 Forward Booster caps are the only module capable of reducing pushback.
  • There is an inventory cap. You can have a maximum of 100 equipment pieces in your global inventory. I am uncertain if this changes with progress. I will update or remove as necessary.
  • Secrets are incredibly common. There is nearly one in every room (possibly more? sometimes more). Look around often for the glowing secret indicator on the wall panels. Secrets are often on empty wall pieces, but not always flat ones. Sometimes they may be embedded behind ramps or other set pieces or on top of higher areas in the room.
  • Energy recharges marginally slower when you drain it completely. I will test this more.
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