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Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Companion and Wanderer Statistics/Skills

This can also be found in game at:
Encyclopedia (N) > Heroes > Occupation Wanderer > List of all companions with skills

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Companion and Wanderer Statistics/Skills

“Companions” are not in the game at all yet. This list is for those are under the profession of “wanderer” which are generated characters that you can hire on as companions. There’s a file in modules/sandbox/moduledata called companions and it has all of their names and various skill attributes laid out. But, its a very incomplete file, with skills that they didn’t implement into the release. So unique and better-skilled companions are on their way

That all said, so far here are the companions I have found:

Generic Warriors

Generic warriors:
Tier 5/6
“the Shieldmaiden” (honest/daring/cruel), “the Red”, “Coalbiter” (Cruel/Daring/Generous) –
Vig 150/200/140
Ctr 100/80/100
End 100/100/0

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“The wanderer” –
Vig 150/150/170
Ctr 115/100/100
End 100/90/0

Tier 4/5
“Breakskull” (daring/cruel) –
Vig 120/170/110
Ctr 80/60/80
End 80/80/0

“the Wronged” (honest), there seem to be two versions of this surname –
Good version:
Vig 120/120/120
Ctr 100/80/80
End 80/80/0

Bad version:
Vig 90/90/90
Ctr 65/110/0
End 0/0/0


“the lucky” (generous/daring) –
Vig 90/90/90
Ctr 75/60/60
End 60/60/0
Tactician 60

“Bloodaxe” (Honest/Calculating) –
Vig 90/90/90
Ctr 75/60/60
End 60/60/0
Cng 0/30/0


“Frostbeard” (daring/merciful/generous) –
Vig 90/40/60
Ctr 135/60/60
End 60/80/0
Scouting 80

“the fish” –
Vig 90/90/90
Ctr 75/60/60
End 60/60/0
Scouting 60


“the Healer” and “Willowbark” (merciful/calculating) –
Vig 60/60/60
Ctr 50/40/40
End 40/40/0
Scouting 40 “the healer” / 20 “Willowbark”
Medicine 60


“The Black” Generous/Daring –
VIG 120 120 120
CTR 90 130 70
END 60 70 0
CNG 0 0 40

“Longknife”, “Accursed” –
Vig 90/90/90
Ctr 75/60/60
End 60/60/0
Roguery 60

“The Robber” Generous/devious/merciful –
Vig 90 70 70
Ctr 75 0 90
End 60 90 0
Cng 0 0 60

Conclusion and Personal Party Tips

How you use companions is all up to personal taste but I highly recommend having

Tacticians – Caravan leaders (They do good at auto resolve battles)

And then having a single of each primary class in your army to boost your stats

  • 1 Tactician
  • 1 Medic – set to clan healer
  • 1 Scout – set to clan scout
  • 1 Rogue
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In all honesty I see no reason to have Warrior companions in your army unless you just want some custom troops. Otherwise warrior companions don’t really have much in the way of practical skills.


Currently IMO Steward is the best skill in the game because it basically boosts all things a clan leader would want.

  • Tax income? Check
  • Party size? Check
  • Influence bonuses? Check

Final note. These are not actually companions but rather the games new ‘wanderer’ mechanic. It sounds like companions as we knew them in Warband will not be added until a later date. The actual companions will have skills to level and personalities and hopefully we can find Artimenners great granddad because we all know he is better than Jeremus.

Written by OdinTheGreat

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