Mount & Blade II Bannerlord How to setup workshops?

Mount & Blade II Bannerlord How to setup workshops

How to setup workshops?

There are 11 workshops, 11 raw materials, and 10 finished goods. Villages ‘primarily produce’ a fixed raw material and villagers transport it to the closest town their faction controls. The town’s workshops use the raw materials to produce a finished product.

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Go to a town, not a castle or village, and go walk around it. hold alt and find the workshops. i think towns have 3, could be any one of these.

  • Clay > Pottery Workshop > Pottery
  • Cotton > Velvet Weavery > Velvet
  • Flax > Linen Weavery > Linen
  • Grain > Brewery > Beer
  • Grapes > Wine Press > Wine
  • Hardwood > Wood Workshop > Bows, Arrows, & Shields
  • Hides > Tannery > Leather & Light Armor
  • Iron Ore > Smithy > Weapons & Armor
  • Iron Ore & Hardwood > Smithy > Tools
  • Olives > Olive Press > Oil
  • Silver Ore > Silversmith > Jewelry
  • Wool > Wool Weavery > Clothing

The workshops are in the middle. Left is what they required, right is what they produce. they get the required material from the town as far as I know. Cost 14000-15000 to get started.

Best Workshop Location

Go to the city called ”Pen Cannoc” located in the Kingdom of Battania, take a walk through the town and go to the Pottery Shop and talk to the Shop Worker and buy the Pottery Workshop there.

The 3 villages bound to Pen Cannoc are all Clay producers and Clay makes Pottery which means you will make a ton of cash early game and it’s safer than starting with a Caravan.

Battania > Pen Cannoc > Pottery Workshop > Profits

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  1. Some tips from my current playthrough. I created my character with fairly high trade to start, finally saved up enough to buy a caravan, I hired Mavea the Black as my companion to run the caravan. Although it takes 15 or 16k to start the caravan, I HIGHLY recommend you save up at least four or five thousand over this amount, for a few different reasons. In my playthrough, I lost at least 3k if not more before the caravan started regularly trading, and the caravan didn’t start turning a true profit for at least another few days. You also need to keep feeding your army(assuming you have one), and I recommend if you are a heavy trader, keeping some scratch around to keep trading and trying to stem the bleeding from negative caravan cash flow with trade.

    Fair disclaimer, as the article states, this game is still early access, I don’t know how much my game differs from another.
    Final word on caravans though: once my caravan started profiting, it seems on average it pays for itself and more each trade.
    Game on friends.

  2. Too simplistic. Pen Cannoc is only a good location if the surrounding area is stable and you are friendly with the faction that owns it.
    Raids and the general prosperity of an area has a serious impact on your profits.

  3. As far as trade is concerned, any resources in-game can be profitable. It’s all down to the stability of the region you set up shops and the availability of matching resource to what you aim to produce out of it. For example, if there is a nearby village producing grain, you want to set up a brewery to take advantage of the grain from that village, or a carpenter’s shop if there is a nearby village producing hardwood.
    In regards to maximizing profits, you might as well set up shops where resources are more expensive such as a nearby village producing silver, thus a shop producing jewelry which often sells for 5 figures at the right city.
    A combination of profitable shops with your own caravans will even extend these lucrative endeavors.
    Keep in mind though, that in order to keep the gains coming in, you must aim to remain neutral towards any factions with the exception of the bandits and looters. Beefing up the caravans defenses is recommended when you know your trading routes are under constant attacks and it is to be expected.
    Been a Mount and Blade gamer for a decade and I hope this humble trading guide helps you prosper in Bannerlord.

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