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Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Money Guide: Early Money Making

Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Money Guide

The following sections will include details I found out to be useful. This includes different ways to earn money in early game aswell as managing workshops and caravans.

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1. Questing

You may have noticed yourself already but there are a few decent quests which will net you a lot of money.

One quest requires you to return someones daughter. This quest will net you around 1.6k Denar and is easy to do.

Just head to the marked village and search for the daughter inside of the village. Press Left-Alt to easily find them.

The 2nd quest requires you to transport a herd of animals. This should be 10 to 12 animals.
Normally this quest will only net you 400 Denar but to finish the quest u only have to turn in 50% of the animals.

That means you are able to sell half of the required amount of animals which should net you at least an extra 500 Denar.

2. Trading

Trading may take you a bit to set up but what you want is around 15 – 20 troops and perhaps a few mule so you are able to transport more weight. Also the first skill in trading which will net you 20% more for trading goods is helpful.

Next step is to find certain villages which sell trading goods. Villages are usually specialized on one trading good such as iron ore, fish, animals, salt etc.

“Marathea” is specialized on iron ore as an example. You can buy stacks of iron ore for lower than 30 Denar sometimes and then resell that iron ore for 60+ in cities.

Keep in mind to travel a bit and check different cities. I usually try to sell the goods for twice the amount i bought them for.

3. Tournaments

Pretty obvious but tournaments are also a decent way to earn Denar. These are held in big cities and reward you with an item if you win and Denar incase u bet money on yourself.

Keep in mind that you start with your own armor so you might want to get some better armor before you start with tournaments depending on how good you know the game. Weapons are always provided by the tournament itself.

This way you usually around 2k+ Denar per Tournament, which depends on the item obv.

If you want to make tournaments easier then just save your game before you go fight and reload incase you lose.

4. Fighting Bandits

This is the most basic way to earn money.

It wont earn you the most but you will level up your troops while doing so.

Sea Raider, Forest Bandits and Mountain Bandits seem to be the best enemies for this.

5.1 Smithing

Another way to earn money is by smithing.

To make this efficient you want to have either of one of the first smithing skills.

These will either let you produce 3 crude iron from only 1 unit of iron ore or 3 charcoal from only 2 hardwood.

So you just want to buy iron ore / hardwood cheap in villages.

A few villages which sell iron ore: Marathea, Hertogea, Bryn Glas, Mecalovea, Vathea

Villages which sell hardwood: Uthelaimm Andurn, Popsia, Tor Leiad, Glenlithrig, Ebereth, Montos

After that you head back to a town with a smithy and start to refine hardwood / iron ore to the mentioned material. This can be done a few times before you have to rest.

You can either just wait at town or continue with something else and then just head back to another smithy to continue.

In the end you want to sell your crafted products or continue to refine them further.

5.2 Smithing / Weapon melting

If u want to take the previous step a bit further you can also use the now refined charcoal to melt weapons you either loot or just buy from cities.

Afterwards you can sell the gained materials for profit and also level up smithing, which can be useful later on when it comes to (probably) making the best swords ingame!

This is mainly profitable for low-priced weapons such as Simple Bastard Swords. You are most likely running into negative profit if you will do this for weapons worth couple thousands of denar.

6. Workshops

Workshops have been adjusted! They only earn a maximum of 200 Denar a day anymore! Therefor caravans might generate more passive income!

After you managed to earn around 20k Denar you now have the option to start running workshops in different cities.

It seems like the workshop cap is 2 (at least for Clan Tier 1)

To get a workshop you first have to travel to a town (in this example its Epicrotea)
After you arrived you enter the town and walk through the streets.
You hold down Left-Alt and check for nearby workshops such as a Tannery, Wood Workshop, Smithy etc.

Once you walked to one of these places you can now speak to a Shop Worker. He´s able to answer you some basic questions such as what kind of workshop you find yourself in and what they are producing. It seems like at the current state of the game, these answers are very basic w/o lots of detail.

To buy a workshop you pay around 16k Denar at the Shop Worker.
Once you buy it u gain the option to select what kind of workshop you want to buy.

I choose to stay with the Wood Workshop in Epicrotea.
It seems to depend on the town what workshop will do well.

After you purchased the workshop you want to supply it with the needed material.
For a Wood Workshop this is Hardwood. This can be purchased in Villages like Uthelaim and Andurn.

Next step is to sell the required material in the city where you bought your workshop.
The lower the price of the raw material your workshop is using, the more Denar your workshop will earn you.

A Workshop can generate up to 200 Denar a day!

You can hold up to 2 workshops if your Clan Tier is 1.
3 Workshops with Clan Tier 2 and so on.

Your goal is to always supply the town with enough raw materials so it will work at maximum efficiency.

7. Caravans

Workshops arent the only way to generate passive income.

Caravans guarantee you a safe way to earn daily Denar especially when you arent in war with any other kingdom. (Looter and other bandits excluded)

To buy a caravan you just have to travel to a city and speak to any merchant. You then have the option “I wish to form a caravan in this town”

Each caravan requires you to have around 15k Denar. You also have to assign one companion to each caravan.

(I dont know if this has any influence, but I tend to equip the companion with some decent gear before assigning them a caravan)

After this is done, youre pretty much done.

The first few days your caravan will only cost you Denar. Somewhat around 5 – 7 days (can be longer tho)

After that your caravan will slowly generate you passive income.

Caravan income greatly depends on the trades they do obviously and therefor can change from day to day. But if there are no enemies to stop your caravan (such as hostile empires) then you are able to expect a nice way to generate passive income.

But also keep in mind that the caravan has a daily wage.


The techniques mentioned above are mainly from my own findings and can not be 100% true.

As the game is “new” and will have a lot of changes in the future these things can change and may not be up to date anymore sometime.

Trading + Tournaments are most likely the best way to earn active money without getting bad reputation (Hunting bandits works too obviously!)

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