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Muse Dash Hidden Achievements and How To Unlock Them

Play as characteristic Heroines, Dash through fairy tale like stages, Dancing to the rhythm and beats, Kick those silly cute enemies into outer space!

Muse Dash Hidden Achievements

On this simple guide I will explain how to get the hidden achievements on Muse Dash! I’m not sure if there is or will be more hidden achievements, so if you find more aside from these ones do let me know!

Give Up Treatment

This achievement is really simple. Clear a Level 7+ song without collecting Red Hearts. Easy to do on the song MiLk, since that song doesn’t have red hearts.

Is That Ok?

Clear a stage without knocking back enemies. (Jumping over saws tho) I recommend doing this on a level 1 song, since its easier. You can also use Zombie Buro just to be sure!

Fall Down Again Where You Have Fell Down

This achievement consists of 2 parts:

Part #1 – Fail to clear the same stage 5 times! You can’t just enter a stage and die inmidietly, it won’t count, you have to play a bit before dying. I recommend doing this on a Master stage you can’t pass.

Part #2 – Fail to clear the same stage 10 times! Same rule as the first one, you have to play a bit before dying, otherwise it won’t count.

Life Is Hard

Fail to clear a stage totally for 20 times. You will get this one eventually. Same rule as “Fall Down Again Where You Have Fell Down”, where you can’t just enter a stage and die without playing.


If you thought the “C” achievement was annoying, behold! On this achievement you need to get D rank a total of 10 times! (Never thought this would be an achievement tbh lol)

Just pick an easy stage with Maid Marija or Zombie Boru and a healing pet, and try avoiding all beats. As long as you get Accuracy below 50% you are going to get a D.

Almost Clear

This one is a fun one, fail to clear a level 7+ song by exhausting at the last note. Pick any level 7 song and just get hit, stay at low HP and get hit on the last note, that’s the easiest way to do it!

Almost Full Combo

This is a painful one if you got it without even trying. Get 1 miss judgement in a Level 7+ song!

If you haven’t gotten it by now, congrats! It is really painful to miss a Full Combo for just 1 miss.

Almost Perfect

This one can be tricky, you gotta get all perfects up until the end, and then get a great on the last note of a level 7+ song!

I recommend playing on a song that you can AP easily, you just gotta mess up at the last note intentionally.

The Pinnacle of Life

This one has 2 achievements as well!

Part #1 – On this one you gotta get an All Perfect (100% accuracy) on a level 7+ song!

Spring Carnival Master is a good and easy Level 7 to get this achievement on! Alternatively you can do it on Star Driver hard!

Part #2 – Apparently there is also an achievement for getting a 100% accuracy on a level 10+ song. (Yikes)

This is by far one of the hardest hidden Achievements in the game.

Not One Less

Although this one is unclear how it’s unlocked, it’s description says “Finish all stage achievements in Default Music”. I got it while missing some stage achievements on the Default Music, so my guess is that it also counts the DLC’s stage achievements. Just clear as much Stage Achievements as you can!

It’s end. I hope “Muse Dash Hidden Achievements and How To Unlock Them” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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