Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden - Ambushing 101

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Ambushing 101

A collection of tips and tricks for how to pull off a successful ambush kill.

When to Ambush

You should open every fight with an ambush. It allows you to pick off lone targets, remove certain enemies from play before they can cause a problem (looking at you, Shamans), and soften up a tough target for a take down next round.

Tips and tricks

Everyone in postion!
Try to make sure everyone is in cover before taking a shot, or the party memeber who are not in cover will be discovered.

Silent weapons all around!
Maximise your chances of downing a lone target, without drawing attention from other enemies, by giving every party member a silenced weapon.

Go Hog Wild!
Bormin’s ‘Boar Rush’ Mutation is excellent for when you are trying to take take out a target that is out of sight of the main group of enemies, but the target itself has a little too much health to be taken out in single combat round. The target won’t be able to call for back up while incapacitated.

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