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My Friendly Neighborhood S Rank Guide: The Unfriendly Way

Here’s a quick and dirty strategy to get S rank and get ‘Somewhat Impressive’ all the way to ‘Simply Stupendous’ without having to be a friendly neighbor.

My Friendly Neighborhood S Rank Guide: The Unfriendly Way

The Method

  • Open Steam and load up My Friendly Neighborhood.
  • Start a new game and pick any difficulty you want. (note: Picking higher difficulties will sweep up the lower difficulty counterparts on completion.)
  • When you gain control of Gordon, look to your right, open the glove box, grab the candy bar to give yourself some extra speed, and bull rush to the reception desk to grab the key card.
  • Rush through the Beginning section grabbing all the things you need including Key Items (Wrench, Rolodexer, Blue Key.)
  • When you enter Stage 4 (the section that introduces you to Pearl) hit Q and exit through the way you came, run back to the Truck and check the steering wheel and leave.
  • Profit.

Some Things to Note

  • Using the tape you can pick up in the toilet (exists on Unfriendly difficulty) on Lenard in the stairwell leading to the Wrench and Blue Key makes the run a bit quicker.
  • You know if you did it correctly when you head out to the truck and look up to see if it’s nighttime (On Veteran and Unfriendly, there will be a dog sitting around).
  • You can grab the tokens in the first safe room and heal/save if it gets rough.
  • This only unlocks the Post-Rank achievements and ‘Unfinished Work’ achievement if you don’t have it. So you still have to play the game for there respected completion achievements (AKA; “Finish the game on X difficulty or higher”, ‘Reckless’, ‘Survivor’, etc.)

Finally, I do not know if this was intentional or overlooked by John and Evan Szymanski.

Written by VoidCage

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