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MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2 How to clear Mission Mode easily

How to clear Mission Mode in MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2.

How to clear Mission Mode easily

First, you want to head to the “Scout” option in the Mission Mode tab:

How to clear Mission Mode easily

Open that option and scroll through the characters until you come across Tomura Shigaraki Before Style, select him and purchase him for 15,000 hero coins.

After purchasing Shigaraki, head to training and select Tomura Shigaraki Before Style and your preferred assists, then set your opponents as anybody you want. Set your special moves to “hold”, it will make this a lot easier.

When inside of training mode, you only need to practice one combo, use his fully charged “Death Penalty” attack at the beginning of the game, then when your opponent is on the ground, use his “Vanquish” attack, then immediately hold block. When your opponent starts being hit by Vanquish, use Death Penalty again, and just rinse and repeat that! After using it 4 times, your opponent will immediately die.

(Death Penalty is W+L on Keyboard, Forward + B/Circle on controller. Hold your inputs until Shigaraki lunges and flashes red!)

(Vanquish is L on keyboard, B/Circle on controller)

Your combo will look like this when you’re done:

After gaining consistency with the combo, simply just go into mission mode and abuse the hell out of it! Some characters will give you trouble with it though, and you’ll need to change it up to accommodate them. For Compress and Grand Torino, add 2 light attacks before your Vanquish attack (J on keyboard, X/Square on controller). Against armored enemies (The ones who don’t take knockback), dodge while they’re taking damage inside the puddle (Hold block and press the direction you want to dodge in), then use Death Penalty.

And keep in mind your opponent can still save themselves with assists! If this happens, initiate the combo again by punishing them when they hit you on block with 2 light attacks into your Vanquish attack.

I hope this guide helps you complete mission mode!

Written by StarvinMarvin29

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