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My Summer Car Tips and Tricks for Beginners

My Summer Car is the ultimate car owning, building, fixing, tuning, maintenance AND permadeath life survival simulator. You start the game with hundreds of loose parts and assemble both car and engine.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

A collection of tips and tricks on every aspect of the game that everyone should know.

The following tricks are a collection of tips that I have collected from all over the web, these are tips that every player should know.


A collection of tips and tricks for the vehicles in the game.


  • If a car falls under the map it will reappear at its original location, this does not apply to a vehicle if it is simply stuck
  • jerry cans can be used to refuel cars that are empty, simply press f on the lid to open them.
  • The Satsuma is the only vehicle that can take simulated damage, all of the other vehicles either take cosmetic damage or simply no damage at all. Excluding the Van, which can have it’s windshield broken

Sewage truck (Gifu)

  • takes diesel
  • If you cannot fish the hose out of the cess pit slowly drive the truck forward and
    then grab the hose
  • If you do loose the hose it will appear at the rubbish tip near the air field
  • if you do want to tow another vehicle the sewage truck with the rear axel lowered is the best option
  • It is possible to sleep on the back bench

Tractor & Trailer (Kekmet)

  • 52 logs are needed to completely fill up the trailer
  • there is no set quota for amount of firewood needed for the client to pay, as long as you have more than ~45 logs you should be good.
  • the trailer can be attached by simply reversing the tractor up to the trailer
  • Every time you save or restart the game the trailer will detatch
  • Directions to the house that wants the wood is as followed: Drive down first road of house > left at the t junction > left at the intersection > second house on the right requires wood
  • Instructions for unloading fire wood: > lower gate at back of trailer > handbrake > under tractor seat to the left is the toggle lever for the rear hydralics > use hand accelerator or press and hold w to lift trailer > once done simply press the rear hydralics leaver again and as you drive away the trailer will lower automatically
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American Muscle Car (Ferndale)

  • takes petrol
  • can be taken at anytime
  • Fleetari (mechanic) will ring you up if you do not return the ferndale for a few days, threatening you to return it. If you choose not to return it Fleetari will “dump” your car into the swamp area near his shop
  • fuel cap is between rear lights, behind numper plate section
  • is automatic so there is no clutch, if you put the car in drive it will slowly move forewards.
  • I would strongly reccomend driving the Ferndale in 2nd gear when on dirt, as unless you feather the throttle 1st gear only wheel spins on dirt

Van (Hayosiko)

  • takes diesel
  • rear wheel drive
  • smashed windscreen can be repaired at mechanic
  • A sofa found at the garbage tip can be fit inside the rear of the Hayosiko, this sofa can be used to sleep on


  • To enter driving mode, simply walk onto the back bench of the boat
  • never runs out of gas The boat now does run out of gas, it can be refueled by purchasing 2 stroke fuel at Teimo’s, how you know the boat is almost out of fuel is a mystery
  • hold left click on chord and move mouse away from engine to start
  • use the gear selector to change to reverse/neutral/drive
  • use engine cut to turn off
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  • takes petrol
  • very delicate, damaged easily
  • can be repaired at mechanic as well as many other services
  • Can be upgraded with various parts from magazine on table next to bed
  • if a part falls through the map go to the rubbish site near the air field to retrieve it
  • The rear seats can be used as a place to sleep
  • removing parts of the Satsuma does make it faster, useful for rally


Tips and tricks based on the player.

  • If you die, you can essentially “cheat” death by alt+f4 MSC before the news paper death notice appears, this will take you back to your previous save

Player condition bars

  • Dirtiness can be lowered via swimming in the lake or using the sauna
  • Dirtiness has no cap, so your dirtiness bar can infinitly keep rising
  • You can not die from Dirtiness
  • Neither food nor drinks need to be kept in the fridge, its just there for A E S T H E T I C
  • Hunger can be depleted by eating food, so far sausages are the best for lowering hunger
  • For a non alcoholic drink buy milk from the store
  • Drinking too much alcohol will cause you to blackout and wake up near your home, this means it can be used as an effective teleportation device when stuck somewhere
  • Fatigue can be lowered by sleeping in a bed, or by purchasing coffee from the bar
  • You can die from urine, hunger and fatigue

Money, Jobs and Other People


  • The main ways to make money is through emptying cess pits and delivering fire wood
  • Emptying cess pits give you 1200
  • Delivering Fire wood gives you 3200
  • Delivering wrecked cars to Fleetari (Mechanic) can yeild 2000-4000mk, this can be done with 3 wrecks


  • There are 2 sewage sites in Perajarvi (place with the shop), 2 in Loppe (place with mechanic) and one on the dirt road towards Lope
  • Firewood delivery is on the dirt road towards Loppe, you will see a guy standing up
  • if you do offer to give your drunk friend at the pub take his to the road towards Loppe, first house on the left
  • the 3 wrecks can be found in various places, 1 in a forrest area and 2 in barns
  • the sledgehammer is needed to open the barns
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  • There is a alcohol check on the lower left of the map on the main road that can appear at random, if you do not stop you will be chased
  • When you approach the stop make sure you are below 100KPH (62MPH) other wise you will get a ticket
  • You can knock (?) over the police officer with the alcohol checker, this will cause a police chase
  • Make sure you park on the shoulder of the road because the other NPC’s do not stop and will smash into your car or you
  • If you do get chased by the police, or fail to pay a ticket. A ticket will appear on your kitchen counter with your fine
  • If the fine is then ignored for a further few days, police officers will come to your house with an arrest warrant, you can not leave your house when they come. After this you will be placed inside of a prison cell
  • be careful on the dirt roads as an npc car hogs the whole road and drive very fast

Things to Blow your Money on

Things to spend that hard earned to cash on

  • Food and drinks at the store
  • mad car mods via the magazine beside your bed
  • police tickets
  • The mechanic shop, sometimes he will offer you a 50% off
  • car inspection


Fun stuff

  • Take a break in the sauna
  • do drags on the air strip and get your times
  • race around the landfill mounds on the rally course near the airstrip
  • get REALLY drunk
Written by Horizon

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