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Naraka Bladepoint Update December 22nd, 2022 Patch Notes

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT – Update December 22nd, 2022 Patch Notes.

Update December 22nd, 2022 Patch Notes

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from 12/21/2022 23:00 (UTC) to 12/22/2022 03:00 (UTC). We suggest that you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:

Brand-new content!

Ⅰ. New Hero Feria Shen: The Powderkeg
She is a charming young girl with a charming personality, charming skills, charming talents and charming wisdom.
Whatever she makes, says, does and presents is full of charm!
“Don’t pretend I’m not the best!”

NARAKA BLADEPOINT Update December 22nd, 2022 Patch Notes
NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update December 22nd, 2022 Patch Notes

(The third F skill and V ultimate are not yet available in this version. Once available, complete hero’s Cultivation Quests to unlock. Unlocked automatically if you’ve already completed the required Cultivation Quests.)

II. J Cup Closed
Victory is reforged in tribulations. Only the last standing can hear the laudation.
2022 NARAKA: BLADEPOINT World Championship has come to an official end. Congratulations on the Solo Champion WBG.Spider and Trios Champion JTeam!
We also present great rewards for all players to celebrate their victory.
(Those will be sent through mail, please remember to check it.)

III. Limited-time Event: New Year Sign-in
A new year brings new fortune in the cold winter (Time shown in UTC format).
Event time: 12/23/2022 20:00 (UTC) to 01/09/2023 20:00 (UTC)
Event Rules:

  1. Players can get special rewards by signing in on specific days during the event and can re-sign for yesterday if it was missed. If you sign in for 5, 10 or 15 consecutive days, you will get such event rewards as Epic Background of Feria Shen, Legendary Accessory or Dynastic Treasure Choice Gift*2.
  2. You could re-sign for yesterday to get rewards.

IV. Limited-time Event: Score Bonus
Event time: 12/22/2022 updates to 12/26/2022 20:00 (UTC)
Event Rules:
During the event, players receive bonus Score by completing matches in the [Ranked Mode].
Details of this Score bonus are as follows:
If you gain a positive number of Score within a match, it will be boosted by 25%.
If negative, however, you do not lose any Score. Every player has three chances of Score bonus per day while the event is still running.
(1) When activating Rank Protection or the Settlement Score is 0, the chances will not be deducted.
(2) Both [Score bonus] and [No Score Penalty] consume one chance.

V. Limited-time Event: Snowy Ruins
In the snow-covered Yushan Ruins, a Snowman with a chivalrous heart, set out on a lengthy journey to defeat the tyrannical Snow Lord…
Event Time: 12/22/2022 update – 01/11/2023 20:00 (UTC)
Event Rules:

  1. During the event, players can open the Troves to get event-exclusive [Frosty Coins] through the Ranked Mode, Quick Match, and BOT Mode. Up to 10 [Frosty Coins] can be obtained per day, which can be used to unlock the maze location in Frost-clad Journey during the event.
  2. You can obtain Snowman-exclusive attributes, costumes and skills by exploring Frost-clad Journey. Continuously building up Snowman attributes, collecting Snowman costumes, and learning Snowman skills to win the event-only rewards.
  3. Challenge the Snow Lord in H5 to win more gifts. If you fail to defeat the Snow Lord, you can let your Snowman continue to gain experiences and grow stronger in the maze of Frost-clad Journey.
  4. Players can also get [Frosty Coin] by smashing the snowmen in preparation stage.

VI. Limited-time Event: Snowy Christmas Eve
The Forerunner Gingerbread escaped from the oven will open a Christmas ball for you if he is captured, so go to the Christmas tree and pick the one you want to open!
Event Time: 12/22/2022 updates – 01/05/2023 20:00 (UTC)
Event Rules:

  1. During the event, players can get exclusive rewards Forerunner Gingerbread by opening the gold or green Troves in Ranked Mode, Quick Match, and BOT Mode. Up to 1 Forerunner Gingerbread per game, 3 at most per day. Forerunner Gingerbread will no longer show up in game after 20:00 Jan 5th, 2023 (UTC).
  2. Players can tap the Christmas Ball in the event page to consume Forerunner Gingerbread to open rewards like Banner·Martial Artists and Legendary Outfit Choice Gift. Additional rewards can be claimed after a certain number of draws!
  3. Rewards can be redeemed before 01/28/2023 20:00 (UTC), so don’t leave it too late!

VII. Limited-time Event: [Torchbearer Gift]
Event time: From 12/22/2022 updates to 02/17/2023 00:00 (UTC)
Claim Rewards: From 02/17/2023 00:00 (UTC) to 02/19/2023 20:00 (UTC)
During the event, player that has completed a Torchbearer event can get an extra and limited-time Torchbearer Gift, which includes Tianhai Legendary Accessory [Monk’s Staff], [Spark Torchbearer Gift]. Only the player that invites others to do the Torchbearer event can get this gift and only once during the event time.
Completion of a Torchbearer event: friends who accept the invitation has purchased the game, bound the code, entered the game and reached Lv. 9 to open Torchbearer event.

VIII. Limited-time Event: The Hero Returns event is Coming Back
Event Time: 12/22/2022 updates – 02/15/2023 20:00 (UTC)
Event Rules:

  1. You are qualified to participate in The Hero Returns as long as you have not logged in for over 28 days since your last login.
  2. Each round of The Hero Returns event lasts for 7 days which will be timed since your return date.
  3. Complete the Hero Returns quests and get the Rebirth Seal, which can be used to redeem limited-edition rewards in the Rebirth Seal Store. You can also redeem the Rebirth Seal with Spectral Silk in the Spectral Silk Store.
    Rebirth Seal Store
  4. Added Weapon Skin [Devil’s Baton], which can be redeemed by 20 Rebirth Seals.
  5. Added Outfit [Wings of Aosagibi], which can be redeemed by 24 Rebirth Seals.
  6. Added Accessories [Astrolabe] and [Shadow Prajna], which can be redeemed by 12 Rebirth Seals.
  7. Added Outfits [Spring Silk·Midnight] and [Ritual Gusoku], which can be redeemed by 8 Rebirth Seals.
  8. Added Weapon Skins [Ryuzan·Frost Reflection] and [Peacock’s Talons], which can be redeemed by 7 Rebirth Seals.
  9. Added Accessory [Ent Axe], which can be redeemed by 4 Rebirth Seals.
  10. Added Accessories [Cleansing Salts] and [Candied Haws], which can be redeemed by 2 Rebirth Seals.
  11. Added Bubbles [Justina Gu·Ling-er] and [Wuchen·Xiaoyao], which can be redeemed by 3 Rebirth Seals.
  12. Added Item [Regular Treasure Choice Gift], which can be redeemed by 4 Rebirth Seals but 3 times at most.

IX. Limited-time Event: Hero Recall
Event time: 12/12/2022 updates – 02/15/2023 20:00 (UTC)
Event Rules:

  1. All players can tap the recall button in the event page to invite their friends who haven’t logged in the game for more than 28 days to return with a maximum of 3 friends at the same time
  2. After the players log in the game again, they can accept one of the invitations from their friends to make the recall completed.
  3. The inviter will get rewards from an accepted invitation. If the player who has returned completes daily quests of The Hero Returns event, the inviter can get extra rewards. During this event, you can no longer send an invitation to a friend who has already recalled by you. And each player can recall 12 friends at most.
  4. When the event expires, you can no longer send new invitations, but can still receive rewards. Your unclaimed rewards will be deleted when the event is removed from the event page.

Hero Adjustments
I. Valda Cui
Within 1 sec after being freed from Dragon’s Coil’s bind under [Nether Nightmare] and [Nether Nightmare: Smite], enemies become immune to its binding. The rules are consistent to that of [Nether Nightmare: Bind]

II. Tianhai
Improved the performance of Vajra’s posture when he stands without other motion.

Ⅲ. Tarka Ji
Duration of his ultimate [Blackout] is changed from 40 sec to 32 sec.
//Dev Note: Tarka Ji’s durable ability makes him too forceful in the Realm of Yang of Solo and Duos modes. That’s why we reduced the duration of his ultimate to ensure a more balanced combat.

Ⅳ. Out-game Adjustments

  1. Adjustments to Talent Description
    Simplified and rephrased Talent Description of all heroes.
  2. Radar Chart Adjustments
    Adjusted scores in some heroes’ ability radar charts.

Weapon Adjustments
I. Staff

  1. Optimized the hand move of many Staff’s strikes.
  2. Optimized the combo timing and slightly reduced the airborne distance of Staff’s charged vertical strikes.

Souljade Adjustments

I. Staff Souljade

  1. Now with [Merciless Havoc], Staff’s third-stage strike can still be triggered even [Stanchion·Rising Cloud] misses its target.
  2. Optimized the correction and special effects of melee strikes of [Merciless Havoc].
  3. Optimized the combo timing of [Jabbing].

Ⅱ. Snow Souljades
Added special Snow Souljades of Cannon, Flamebringer and bare hands in Quick Match, Shadow Surge, Through the Fire and BOT Mode.

Showdown Adjustments

I. Combat Adjustments

  1. Dharma-Ending Ruin Adjustments
    (1) Adjusted the terrain of the Courtyard of Eventide Temple in Dharma-Ending Ruin to make monsters stuck less.
    (2) Adjusted Mountain Ghost’s behavior toward enemies on high.
    (3) Optimized the combat moves of Mountain Ghost in Doom level.
  2. Desert Tribulations Adjustments
    (1) Now when an Evil-Ent Stronghold on any route of Desert Tribulations is cleared, an Enigmatic Rift that leads to the other two routes will appear at the first Evil-Ent Stronghold on each route.
    (2) After players defeat Evil-Ents guarding the gate, they will get a random Buff item such as Attack Stone.
    (3) In Nightscream level, Attack of boss [Stone Monster] is reduced by 29%.
  3. Doom Adjustments
    (1) In Racing level, Attack of [Omnius·Umbra Scorch] that appears in [Looming Shadow] Omen is reduced by 31%.
    (2) In Racing level, Attack of [Omnius·Rock] is reduced by 30%.

II. Omen Adjustments

  1. Spirit Erosion Adjustments
    (1) When settled, one with Spirit Erosion will take high damage instead of directly running out of Health.
    (2) Optimized the performance when Spirit Erosion is accumulated and settled.

III. Stone Monster General Adjustments

  1. Greatly optimized combos and other behaviors of Stone Monsters in combats.
  2. Lowered their strike frequency and attack tendency under all difficulties.
  3. Degraded the attack performance of some strikes.
  4. Changed part of Normal Strikes into Blue Focus Strikes.
  5. Optimized the hit performance of some strikes.

In-game Adjustments

I. Holoroth Map

  1. Mehtaab Adjustments
    (1) Reduced the depth of most rifts in Mehtaab.
    (2) Adjusted the structure of the Temple of Light and Shadow and Parand Hall.
    //Dev Note: according to the questionnaire about the map, we found that players made negative comments on the difference in height and complex routes of Mehtaab. We hope the above adjustments can improve your gaming experience.
  2. Adjusted the location of some high-tier loots. Gold and Green Troves are now lumped in the center of the area.
  3. Enlarged the selectable area of spawn points in Holoroth.
  4. Many stories that happened on this land left a lot of traces. Added some cultural landmarks with regional characteristics to the City of Tang and Empyreal Village, etc.

II. Omni’s Nightmare
Grappling Hooks carried by default when heroes are reborn after being defeated are increased to 6.

III. Bot Mode

  1. Now when players enter the Realm of Yang, another team of AI opponents will enter it too.
  2. Fixed the issue where AI opponents would stay in Shadow Corruption and be eliminated, instead of proactively searching for players, in the mid-late phase of the match.

IV. Mechanism Adjustments

  1. Spikes
    Added a 1-sec warning. Player who trigger the Spikes will suffer an attack after 1 sec, along with vibration sound effect and performance.

V. Performance and Sound Effect Adjustments

  1. Optimized the performance of Energy Bar.
  2. Optimized the sound effect of Sliding.

Out-game Adjustments

I. Hero Badge
Added the category Tabs to make it convenient to view.

II. Spectral Silk Store Updates
Added the commodity filtering feature.

III. Justice Chamber

  1. Added recommended chambers to the Justice Chamber list.
  2. In Settings-Social Settings-Privacy Settings-Justice Chamber Name Setting, you can choose whether to make your chamber name public in personal profile.

IV. Store Overview
Commodities can now be previewed in Store Overview. Adjusted the filtering logic in Store Overview.

Client Optimization

  1. Optimized the processing of multi-thread material animation to improve FPS and fluency greatly.
  2. Optimized the loading of multi-thread shaders to improve fluency greatly.
  3. Optimized the animation of crushing in the scene to improve fluidity.

Store Updates

I. New Packs

  1. Added Feria Shen Exclusive Pack [Mystic Mechanism] that includes Feria Shen Legendary Outfit [Stowaway Shawl], Musket Legendary Skin [Heaven’s Broken Heart], Feria Shen Epic Hairstyle [Violet Braids] and Feria Shen Epic Accessory [Aviation Goggles]. The standard price of the pack: 4,200 Gold; Now: 2,880 Gold.

II. Added New Discounts

  1. Newly added Tianhai Legendary Accessory [Colossus of Sunwing]. Equipping it will change the appearance of Vajra in the Ultimate [Titan’s Call]. Standard price: 4,800 Gold; Now: 3,200 Gold.
  2. Newly added Staff Legendary Skin [Beggar’s Staff]. Standard price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,250 Gold.
  3. Feria Shen Legendary Base [Gear Twirl]. Standard price: 1,200 Gold; Now: 1,000 Gold.
  4. Feria Shen Legendary Pose [Aim]. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 750 Gold.
  5. Feria Shen Legendary Background [Firearms Division]. Standard price: 600 Gold; Now: 500 Gold.

III. Spectral Silk Store Updates

  1. Added Feria Shen Legendary Accessory [Inventor’s Hood], with the price of 12,000 Spectral Silk
  2. Added Valda Cui Legendary Accessory [Reindeer Doe Antler], with the price of 12,000 Spectral Silk.
  3. Added Tarka Ji Legendary Accessory [Reindeer Buck Antler], with the price of 12,000 Spectral Silk.
  4. Added Male Epic Hairstyle [Male Hairstyle 08], with the price of 4,000 Spectral Silk.
  5. Added Female Epic Hairstyle [Female Hairstyle 08], with the price of 4,000 Spectral Silk.
  6. Added Yueshan Epic Base [Siege Platform], with the price of 4,000 Spectral Silk.
  7. Added Feria Shen Rare Outfit [Deft Mechanic·White], with the price of 2,400 Spectral Silk.
  8. Added Spear Rare Skin [Astral Spin], with the price of 2,000 Spectral Silk.
  9. Added Temulch Rare Accessory [Gilded Flint], with the price of 1,200 Spectral Silk.
  10. Added Viper Ning Rare Accessory [Rebirth Serpent], with the price of 1,200 Spectral Silk.
  11. Added Justina Gu Rare Pose [Elegance], with the price of 1,200 Spectral Silk.
  12. Added Yoto Hime Rare Pose [Tch!], with the price of 1,200 Spectral Silk.
  13. Added Kurumi Rare Background [Sacred Circle], with the price of 800 Spectral Silk.
  14. Added Tianhai Rare Background [Epiphany], with the price of 800 Spectral Silk.

Ⅳ. Discounts End

  1. Ziping Yin Legendary Outfit [Melted Snow] has returned to its standard price of 1,800 Gold.
  2. Yueshan Legendary Outfit [Laudation·Blaze The Thorn] has returned to its standard price of 2,000 Gold.
  3. Greatsword Legendary Skin [Exalting Leap] has returned to its standard price of 1,500 Gold.
  4. Viper Ning Legendary Accessory [Leopard Ears] has returned to its standard price of 1,200 Gold.
  5. Viper Ning Legendary Accessory [Leopard Tail] has returned to its standard price of 900 Gold.

Bug Fixes

I. Hero-related Bugs

  1. Fixed a bug where the counterattacks don’t take effect when Tarka Ji using [Inner Fire] and [Inner Fire: Bide] from certain perspectives.

II. Battle-related Bugs

  1. Fixed the bug where the Scale Rush cannot be used during the buffer time of using the Grappling Hook to enter the eaves from above.

Xbox Updates

I. Launch of Xbox One
We are bringing Naraka to all Xbox One players. After this update, you can play Naraka on Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. Download and experience the new version of NARAKA in the Microsoft Store.
Welcome to the Morus Isle! New Forerunners!
In later versions, we will gradually open the new map “Holoroth” and PVE mode “Showdown”.

II. Graphics Optimizations
We have provided graphics options with higher quality in the Settings, come and experience it!

  1. Anti-aliasing Algorithm options have been added to the entire Xbox series and can be modified in Settings – Graphics Settings – Anti-aliasing Algorithm:
    SMAA Algorithm (new, recommended): to enhance the clarity.
    TAA Algorithm: to enhance the softness.
    Off (new): to reduce rendering pressure and improve the frame rate.
  2. Added graphics options in Xbox Series S and can be modified in Settings – Graphics Settings – Graphics Options:
    Quality (new): better graphic quality.
    Performance: higher frame rate.

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