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Naraka Bladepoint Valda Cui Statue Guide (quickly find keys)

A guide for help you quickly find keys to the caves, relatively speaking. You can check: Character Presets for Character Customization.

Naraka Bladepoint Valda Cui Statue Guide

I am making this guide to help people do the Valda Cui’s final quest, which require you to worship a statue that can be found in the caves randomly.

  • There are 9 caves total on the map
  • I believe only 3 is openable in each match,
  • You can tell if a cave is openable by checking if the entrance have a key sign, none openable cave will show a wall of rock
  • at start of each match, the game will randomly select a few cave to be openable.
  • Key frog and Key stash will spawn from locations near the Cave
  • I also believe the chance to drop the Key from stash will greatly increase when someone has gotten a Key from a Frog. This is to create competition to fight over the cave.
  • All cave can have statue, the statue’s size will scale up or down base on the cave, so in bigger cave the statue will be huge, and in smaller cave the statue will be small.
  • I believe the match will determine which cave have statue at beginning of match, or a lot of time no cave have statue at all. This is purely luck based.
  • Key Frog make a noise that sounds like coins being dropped when they move around.
  • Key Frog may hide into ground if you get too close, but they will reappear at the same place they disappeared from after a few second.
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See map

  • Red is location of caves, those are fixed
  • Green are the location of where Key Frog may spawn, the potential location is also fixed.

Key Frog will only spawn around Caves that are openable. For example if the Cave on the Top Right side of the map is openable, the Key Frog could be at Eventide Temple or as far as Sunwing’s Rest, but never at shipwreck Expanse.

Those are locations that I have personally seem the Frog at from my 400 hours of game play, I may have forgotten some or misremembered some, but generally if the frog exist in that area, you will be able to hear it for sure.

Valda Cui Statue Guide-11

Tips and Tricks

So combining all the information above, if you want to find statue quickly.

  • Play in duo or trio bot match, this is because you get 1 respawn chance when you die
  • when selecting spawn location, pick a location that is closest to one of the caves shown on the map
  • once in the game, check if the cave is openable, if it is, check the nearby Frog location, if the cave is not openable, move to the closes Cave and check that, hit all the Frog location on your way there.
  • to speed up this process, you can also just kill yourself with a mushroom or Fire Latern so you will become a ghost. ghost moves very quickly by jumping, and you can still hear and see the Key Frogs.
  • If you have friends that can help, have your friends spread out to different area of the map and do the samething you are doing.
  • also from my experience, if you play solo in duo or trio mode in either quick match or bot match, you do not lose reputation point for leaving the match early. So if you are having no luck finding any Keys, and the circle is closing in and blocking off the caves you wanted to check, you can just quit right the way. At least at the time of writing this guide it is like this, I hope the Dev wont change that.
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Written by Glorious Comrade

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