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NASCAR Heat 2 – 100% Achievement Guide

In theory, this should help you learn how to get all achievements in NASCAR Heat 2 and the meaning behind some of the names of the achievements.

In this guide, I will separate the achievements into two sections, General and Career Mode. Let’s get started with the General achievements.

General Achievements

  • Rookie – Race 10 races. Simple enough.
  • Pro – Race 25 races. God, I’m good at making these things.
  • Veteran – Race 50 races.
  • Hall of Famer – Race 100 races. That’s right, no achievement for 75. Get that outta here.
  • Legend – Race 200 races.
  • Checkered Flag – Win a race. Just one, simple race.
  • Perfect 10 – Win 10 races.
  • All I Do Is Win – Win 25 races. Name could possibly be a reference to the song “All I Do Is Win” or it could just be that, at this point, that really is all you do.
  • No Longer Rusty – Win 56 races. This is where things get tricky with counting. Normally, you’d expect, say, 50 wins here. But no, you got 56. One would assume that it’s because Rusty Wallace got his first victory in the number 56. But you’d be completely wrong – his first win came in the number 27. 56 is actually the number of wins he’s had in his career, plus 1. (55 wins + 1 win = 56).
  • Not Intimidated – Win 77 races. This is a reference to Dale “The Intimidator” Earnhardt, Sr.’s career wins – a total of 76 wins – and the fact that you, the player, have surpassed it.
  • Over the Rainbow – Win 94 races. This is a reference to Jeff Gordon’s career wins – a total of 93 wins – and the fact that you, the player, have surpassed the number of wins earned by the Rainbow Warrior, a nickname given to Jeff due to the rainbow scheme his Dupont machine ran for quite a while.
  • Long Live The King – Win 200 races. This is a reference to the career wins of Richard “The King” Petty, with a NASCAR record of 200 wins under his belt.
  • Points Collector – Earn 10,000 Speed Points. Just go fast with more laps.
  • Points Collector – Earn 100,000 Speed Points. Go faster.
  • Points Aficionado – Earn 500,000 Speed Points. Go fastest.
  • Test Of Endurance – Complete a 100% length race. The quick, fun, and easy way to get this achievement and it’s partner achievement Endurance Champion (win a 100% race) is to just run the Eldora Dirt Derby at 100%. Heck, that’s how I did it and it was pretty dang fun, too.
  • Tour The Tracks – Race at every track. I believe this includes running all tracks in all series as they all have separate race counters and (if you have the 2018 DLC) the Charlotte Roval.
  • Road Warrior – Win at every road course. Sonoma, Watkins Glen, Charlotte Roval, Road America, Mid-Ohio, Canadian Tire… did I miss anything?
  • Short and Sweet – Win at every short track.
  • Super Speedster – Win at every superspeedway.
  • Best at All the Rest – Win at every speedway.

And this should just about do it for the General Achievements. I think.

Career Achievements

Now that we’ve gotten the General Achievements out of the way, let’s place our focus on Career Mode.

  • Small Step – Started a season. Simple enough.
  • Who Am I – Create a character. You know, your driver. The representation of YOU. Then again, just like every other custom character you make that’s not in a LEGO game, you’re going to choose the female model cause it has a better butt, right? Don’t lie to me.
  • Truck’n – Complete a full NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season.
  • Journeyman – Complete a full NASCAR Xfinity Series season.
  • No More Yellow Stripes – Complete a full Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Season. This is a reference to the yellow stripes on the back end of cars whose drivers are in their rookie season.
  • V is for Victory – Win a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series championship.
  • Unstoppable – Win a NASCAR Xfinity Series championship.
  • The Peak – Win a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series championship.
  • Rubbing is Racing – Get a rival. To do this, just be a complete jerk on the track consistently to one guy over and over. This is a reference to a famous line in the movie Days of Thunder.
  • Just Getting Started – Complete one career season.
  • Seasoned Driver – Complete five career seasons.
  • Grizzled Veteran – Complete ten career seasons. This is gonna take some dedication.
  • Hauling – Finish a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season in career.
  • One Down – Finish a NASCAR Xfinity Series season in career.
  • Start of Something Great – Finish a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season in career.
  • Getting Somewhere – Get a spot in the Truck playoffs.
  • Time to Shine – Get a spot in the Xfinity playoffs.
  • Playing with the Big Boys – Get a spot in the MENCS playoffs.
  • First Big Step – Win the Truck championship.
  • Who’s Next – Win the Xfinity championship.
  • Best of the Best – Win the MENCS championship.
  • So It Begins – Sign with a Truck series team.
  • Moving on Up – Sigh with an Xfinity series team.
  • A Seat at the Table – Sign with a MENCS team.
  • Established Competitor – Won a race in career mode.
  • Rolling in the Dough – Earn 25 million dollars. In NASCAR Heat 2, money does nothing. However, in NASCAR Heat 3, money will finally do something.

And that’s every achievement in NASCAR Heat 2. Good luck getting 100%!

Updated: 9.9.2018

Written by King Dedede

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