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Nation Red – To Gunner Exterminate All the Bosses

This guide will help you Gunner to kill all the Bosses in Nation Red.

How to Kill all Bosses with a Gunner

  • Butcher
  • Brawler
  • Axe Boss
  • Minigun Boss
  • Grenade Boss
  • Cutoff Saw Boss
  • Machine Gun Boss

How to play

Your objective as a Gunner is to Kill the Hordes, control some Bosses and to deliver powerups to your team, this if you all combine before go send the zombies to hell. So, if you combine u must deliver “Shields” or “Cloaks” to Medic (except if got a Sniper in you team, in that case Sniper got Cloak and with a good arm this class can have 50% more damage and help to kill hordes. Besides that, “Flashout” to Scout because he got 50% more damage and 100% extra XP (Experience is to gain Perks, very important, u can think in get “Auto Experience” here to gain even more, except in multiplayer games when especifically was choosed “not share xp” to all. More experience means Perks more fast. If you are new in this game, Perks are Skills that you will gain sometimes.

Whta is the secet Mr KNow everything, i told you:

Rage + Gunner + “Rage Unlimited” + “Remote Detonator” + “Anarchist” = Sen then back to hell.

No, serious, you as a Gunne got 25% moe damage with explosives and 100% extra XP, don’t be greedy, Flashout to Scout and both gain a lot of XP with “Auto Expeience”, even better in a shared game xp.

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