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NBA 2K20 Best Power Forward Build

Best Power Forward Build

Similar to the Small Power, choose the chart with the most playmaking and finishing. This is the one with the most yellow and blue.

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Physical Profile
For your physical profile, choose the chart with the most agility and vertical, and the least strength.

For Finishing, you want everything, except for Standing Dunk to be maxed out/very high. For Shooting, get everything, except for Three-Point Shot maxed out.

For Playmaking, get Pass Accuracy and Post Moves very high. Also, give some points to Ball Handle. For Defense, get Interior defense to a high number, and max out Block, Offensive and Defensive Rebound.

Height – 6’11
This height will allow you to make dunks and rebounds, while still being a good defender.

Weight – 250lbs
This weight is a bit on the heavy side, but not heavy enough to completely sacrifice your speed and agility. Your strength will increase quite a bit.

Wingspan – 90″
Having this wingspan will make your blocking ability better, without making your shooting ability much worse.

Our recommended Takeover is Playmaker.

Finishing Badges
You need to get Finisher and Relentless Finisher from Hall of Fame. This will make it easier for you to convert contact layups and will decrease fatigue.

From Silver, you need to get Deep Hooks, Dropstepper, Lob City Finisher, and Putback Boss. All of these will work together to make your finishing much, much better.

Shooting Badges
From Silver, you need to Get Catch & Shoot which will make jump shots a whole lot easier. From there, get Deadeye. This will decrease the impact of defender who’s closing out.

You should also get Deep Fades which will boost the chance of making a post fadeaway. From Gold, you need to get Steady Shooter which will decrease the penalties for contested shots.

Playmaking Badges
From Hall of Fame, you need to get a Quick First Step and Post Spin Technician. These badges just work well with almost every single build. You must get them for this Power Forward build too.

From Silver, you need to get Downhill which will give a boost to your speed. From there, you need to get Dream Shake which will decrease the chance of a defender taking the bait.

Finally, get Unpluckable that will allow you to keep the ball in your hands, safe from defenders. From Bronze, you can get Pass Fake Maestro to make your fake passes much more effective.

Defense Badges
Get Box. As the name suggests, this will improve your box ability. You should also get Rebound Chaser. This will make it much easier for you to go after rebounds. Finally, get Worm which will make it easier for rebounders to spin around box outs.

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