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NBA 2K20 Best Shooting Guard Build

Best Shooting Guard Build

For your Shooting Guard build, you must focus the most on your character’s shooting and dunking ability, and their speed. So, choose the pie chart with the highest Shooting and Finishing. This will be the chart with the most green and blue.

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Physical Profile
Here, you should pick the most balanced pie chart. This will grant you good agility and vertical, and great strength. Your high strength will make it easier for you to get past guards and dunk.

Using your attribute points efficiently can be a bit tricky. First and foremost, you must remember to use them efficiently to maximize your badge gain.

As this build is a Shooting Guard, just max out everything in the shooting category.

Then, in the Finishing category, get Close Shot, Driving Layup, Driving Dun maxed out. You should also allocate some points to Standing Dunk.

In the Playmaking Category, max out Ball Handling and Post Moves. Also, give some points to Pass Accuracy.

Finally, in the Defense Category, allocate a lot of points to Perimeter Defense, Lateral Quickness and Steal. Then, give some points to Interior Defense. It is also a good idea to use some points for Block, so you can get more Defensive Badges.

Height – 6’5”
As you increase your height, your agility decreases; which you don’t want. So, for the Shooting Guard build, 6’5” seems to be the best height as you retain your speed and agility, while still being big enough to go through small guards.

Weight – 196 lbs
For your Shooting Guard, you should keep your weight low to be quicker and more versatile on the court, but just low enough so that you have decent strength. 196 lbs seem to support this idea.

Wingspan – 79.9”
If your arms are too long, it will decrease your dribbling speed, which you don’t want. Keeping your wingspan at 79.9” will grant you adequate speed, coupled with decent ball control and shooting.

This is entirely up to you. Our recommended Takeover for this build is Shot Creator.

Finishing Badges
From Hall of Fame, get Contact Finisher. A must-have for this build.

From Gold, get Acrobat and Fancy Footwork which will help you make those tough layups easily.

And from Silver, get Giant Silver and Backdown Punisher to will help you go through tall centers. Also, get Dropstepper to allow yourself to drop-step much more efficiently, in the post.

Shooting Badges
From Hall of Fame, get Difficult Shots and Deadeye: Absolute necessities for a Shooting Guard build.

From Gold, you need to get Deep Fades which allow you to make post fadeaways from deep range. Then get Range Extender; another must-have for a Shooting Guard build. It will allow you to make more accurate shots from large distances.

From Silver, get Catch & Shoot and Tireless Shooter. These will enable your character to have a much higher chance of landing a successful jump shot, after they catch the ball, even when you’re fatigued.

You should also consider Quick Draw; another no-brainer for this build which will allow you to make shots much quicker. Finally, from Bronze, get Volume Shooter. This will boost shot percentages, which is exactly what you want.

Playmaking Badges
From Gold, get Space Creator. This will increase the distance between you and defenders, making shots from afar easier.

Then get Quick First Step and Stop & Go. This will immensely increase your speed. As their names suggest, your first step will be much quicker, shocking defenders; and you will also be able to, very swiftly, start and stop motion.

From Silver, you need to get Post Spin Technician. This will make your character use the Post Spin technique much more efficiently. Then get Dream Shake and Ankle Breaker. These will allow you to get past defenders easily.

Defense Badges
From Gold, you need to get Clamps – This will allow you to stay in front of the Ball Handler more, giving you more opportunities to take a shot.

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