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NBA 2K22 Best Point Guard Builds (Current & Next Gen)

If you’ve ever played NFL and know about Quarterbacks, then you’ll know how crucial Point Guards are. They’re usually shorter in height, and they’re an asset to the team when it comes to offense.

Finding the right builds for your player can be very difficult, so we have come up with some of the better builds that you can try out in the game and see how they work for you across a number of positions.

For the Point Guard build, you must focus on your shooting and ball handling. The best choice for the Skill Breakdown is the chart with the most Shooting and Playmaking. This is the one with the most green and yellow.

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Acing NBA 2K22 is all about having skills and the perfect builds at each position across the court. Below we’ve given some of the best builds you can craft for Point Guard position in NBA 2K22.

Best Point Guard Builds in NBA 2K22

Physical Profile
For your Point Guard, you shouldn’t care that much about strength. Instead, focus on your speed, agility and vertical. Choose the chart with the most agility and vertical and the least strength.

The main thing you want to maximize on this build is your shooting ability. So, of course, you need to max out everything in the Shooting category. This will grant you with a surplus of Shooting Badges.

Also, max out Pass Accuracy, Ball Handle and Post Moves. You will get a lot of Playmaking Badges out of this. For Finishing, max out Close Shot and Driving Layup. Get Driving Dunk and Standing Dunk to a relatively high amount as well.

For Defense, allocate a lot of points to Perimeter Defense and Lateral Defense. Then, use your remaining points on Steal.

Skill breakdown
The familiar pie chart from previous years is gone in NBA 2K22. Instead you will simply choose where you want to put your attribute points which will allow you to earn potential badges that will get you player up to a 99 Max Level. Depending on how you allocate the points and the attributes of your player you will be able to reach certain goals and milestones for you player. Earning the badges will allow you to have specific abilities.

NBA 2K22 Best Point Guard Builds (Current & Next Gen)

Build #1 (Playmaking Shot Creator)

This build of ours will be good at shooting and playmaking when it comes to selecting a Skill Breakdown. Moving on to the Physical Profile, this build will be all about speed with a respectable vertical.

Below are all the attributes for this build.

Close Shot57
Driving Layup69
Driving Dunk64
Standing Dunk25
Post Hook30
Mid-Range Shot90
Three-Point Shot87
Free Throw90
Post Fade51
Pass Accuracy88
Ball Handle87
Post Control44
Interior Defense42
Perimeter Defense75
Lateral Quickness75
Offensive Rebound52
Defensive Rebound65
Weight173 lbs.
TakeoverSpot Up Shooter

Build #2 (Slasher)

The second point guard build would have a slightly taller player than that of the first one. However, it would still be leading in finishing and shooting skills.

There’re two pie charts that have a higher percentage painted in blue and green. Select the one that has slightly more blue in it.

For your Physical Profile, select the pie chart on the top. This build is all about speed and vertical.



  • Fearless Finisher
  • Limitless Takeoff
  • Posterizer
  • Slithery Finisher


  • Blinders
  • Chef
  • Clutch Shooter
  • Deadeye
  • Green Machine
  • Hot Zone Hunter
  • Limitless Spot-Up
  • Stop & Pop


  • Handles for Days
  • Hyperdrive
  • Quick Chain
  • Quick First Step
  • Unpluckable


  • Clamps
  • Intimidator
Close Shot85
Driving Layup91
Driving Dunk80
Standing Dunk36
Post Hook50
Mid-Range Shot78
Three-Point Shot79
Free Throw86
Post Fade85
Pass Accuracy77
Ball Handle83
Post Control33
Interior Defense34
Perimeter Defense76
Lateral Quickness74
Offensive Rebound28
Defensive Rebound61
Weight175 lbs.

Build #3 (Slashing Playmaker)

Once again, the third build will be domating the court with its finishing and shooting skills. For the Skill Breakdown pie chart, select the third pie chart from the top.

For the Physical Profile, select the pie chart at the top. Again, our player will be quick on his feet.

Here’s a list of all the attributes that this build has.

Close Shot85
Driving Layup91
Driving Dunk80
Standing Dunk36
Post Hook50
Mid-Range Shot81
Three-Point Shot79
Free Throw60
Post Fade87
Pass Accuracy78
Ball Handle83
Post Control53
Interior Defense34
Perimeter Defense78
Lateral Quickness74
Offensive Rebound28
Defensive Rebound61
Weight173 lbs.
TakeoverSpot Up Shooter

Build #4 (Playmaker)

The fourth point guard build will have the Skill Breakdown pie chart that has a massive portion dedicated to the playmaking skill. For the Physical Profile, select the first pie chart.

Below we’ve jotted down the attribute points of this last point guard build.

Close Shot57
Driving Layup79
Driving Dunk70
Standing Dunk26
Post Hook30
Mid-Range Shot77
Three-Point Shot72
Free Throw84
Post Fade46
Pass Accuracy91
Ball Handle85
Post Control55
Interior Defense54
Perimeter Defense73
Lateral Quickness73
Offensive Rebound60
Defensive Rebound71
Weight186 lbs.

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