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NBA 2K22 Best Power Forward Builds (Current & Next Gen)

Finding the right builds for your player can be very difficult, so we have come up with some of the better builds that you can try out in the game and see how they work for you across a number of positions.

Power forwards are pretty similar to the centers; however, they are better at playmaking and shooting.

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Acing NBA 2K22 is all about having skills and the perfect builds at each position across the court. Below we’ve given some of the best builds you can craft for power forward position in NBA 2K22.

Best Power Forward Builds in NBA 2K22

Physical Profile
For your physical profile, choose the chart with the most agility and vertical, and the least strength.

For Finishing, you want everything, except for Standing Dunk to be maxed out/very high. For Shooting, get everything, except for Three-Point Shot maxed out.

For Playmaking, get Pass Accuracy and Post Moves very high. Also, give some points to Ball Handle. For Defense, get Interior defense to a high number, and max out Block, Offensive and Defensive Rebound.

Skill breakdown
The familiar pie chart from previous years is gone in NBA 2K22. Instead you will simply choose where you want to put your attribute points which will allow you to earn potential badges that will get you player up to a 99 Max Level. Depending on how you allocate the points and the attributes of your player you will be able to reach certain goals and milestones for you player. Earning the badges will allow you to have specific abilities.

NBA 2K22 Best Power Forward Builds (Current & Next Gen)

Build #1 (Inside Center)

Our first build at this position will have a Skill Breakdown pie chart with a majority red. When it comes to Physical Profile, select the pie chart that is second from the bottom.

Here’re all the other attributes along with their points for this build.

Close Shot83
Driving Layup68
Driving Dunk83
Standing Dunk83
Post Hook30
Mid-Range Shot34
Three-Point Shot34
Free Throw54
Post Fade30
Pass Accuracy67
Ball Handle51
Post Control60
Interior Defense85
Perimeter Defense76
Lateral Quickness76
Offensive Rebound93
Defensive Rebound93
Weight190 lbs.
TakeoverGlass Cleaner

Build #2 (Outside Center)

For this build, we’ll be using one of the new skill pie charts introduced this year. Select the pie chart that is second from the bottom.

For the physical pie chart, select the first from the top. This pie chart should have predominantly Purple and a respectable amount of Pink.

Here’s the attribute breakdown for the second power forward build.

Close Shot82
Driving Layup42
Driving Dunk68
Standing Dunk74
Post Hook28
Mid-Range Shot80
Three-Point Shot78
Free Throw88
Post Fade75
Pass Accuracy38
Ball Handle36
Post Control27
Interior Defense78
Perimeter Defense67
Lateral Quickness68
Offensive Rebound79
Defensive Rebound86
Weight188 lbs.
TakeoverGlass Cleaner

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