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NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 31 Answers

Just wanted to let you know that a new episode of 2KTV in NBA 2K23 is released every week. By correctly answering questions while watching these episodes, you can earn free VC and enhance your overall gaming experience. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all the correct answers for this week’s episode of 2KTV in this guide. So, go ahead and check out all the answers to NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 31 and start earning those rewards!

Be sure to catch up on past episodes of 2KTV to make up for missed VC. For a full archive of past episode answers, go here; NBA 2K23 2KTV Answers. Players will want to be grinding as much VC as possible for use in NBA2K’s various game modes such as MyCareer and MyTeam. Each will cost VC to purchase upgrades, outfits, sneakers, and player packs. Also check, NBA 2K23 locker codes.

If you want to access 2KTV episodes and earn free VC in NBA 2K23, all you need to do is start the game and click on the “2KTV” text in the lower right corner of the main menu. Once you’re in, you’ll be asked 13 different questions and rewarded with VC for each correct answer. To help you out, here are the correct answers for Episode 31 of the interactive NBA 2K23 2KTV quiz. Good luck!

NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 31 Answers

  1. GOAT
  2. Luka Doncic
  3. Medieval
  4. Any Answer
  5. Sue Bird
  6. 1997
  7. 2000
  8. Connecticut Sun
  9. Breanna Stewart
  10. Las Vegas Aces
  11. Hakeem Olajuwon
  12. 2
  13. Vote for your Top Play of the Week

Can you answer old 2KTV episodes?

Are you wondering if you can watch previous episodes of 2KTV and still earn VC by answering the questions? Unfortunately, you can only answer questions for VC from the previous week’s episode. Any episodes older than that will have the correct answers already highlighted, making it impossible to earn VC by answering them. So, make sure to tune in weekly to stay up-to-date and earn those rewards!

How much VC can you get from 2KTV?

Just wanted to let you know that the amount of VC you can earn from 2KTV in NBA 2K23 depends on the difficulty of the questions and the episode you are watching. Typically, each question can earn you anywhere between 50 to 600 VC. So, if you answer all the questions correctly, you could accumulate a considerable amount of VC. It’s a fun and engaging way to earn some extra VC while also brushing up on your NBA 2K23 knowledge. Give it a try and see how much VC you can earn!

Who is the girl on NBA 2K23 2KTV?

Alexis Morgan – Host/Producer at NBA 2KTV. Linkedin and Instagram.

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