NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 9 Answers


Every week means a new episode of 2KTV in NBA 2K23. You can earn free VC by giving correct answers while watching NBA 2KTV episodes. All you have to do is give the correct answers, in this guide you can find all the correct answers for this week’s episode of 2KTV. Here are all the answers to NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 9.

NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 9 Answers

Be sure to catch up on past episodes of 2KTV to make up for missed VC. For a full archive of past episode answers, go here; NBA 2K23 2KTV Answers. Players will want to be grinding as much VC as possible for use in NBA2K’s various game modes such as MyCareer and MyTeam. Each will cost VC to purchase upgrades, outfits, sneakers, and player packs. Also check, NBA 2K23 locker codes.

To access 2KTV episodes, first start NBA 2K23. Then click on the 2KTV text in the lower right corner from the main menu. Now you can earn free VC giving correct answers of the current section. There are 13 different questions for players to answer in this episode of 2KTV. The player will be rewarded with VC upon selecting the correct answers. Here are Episode 9 correct answers for the interactive NBA 2K23 2KTV quiz to win free VC.

  1. Any.
  2. Any.
  3. 2K20.
  4. A’ja Wilson.
  5. Diana Taurasi.
  6. Any.
  7. Any.
  8. Masts.
  9. Jolly Jerry.
  10. Any.
  11. 21 to win.
  12. Any.
  13. Vote on Top Play.

How much VC can you get from 2KTV?

The amount of VC you will earn with 2KTV in the NBA 2K23 game differs from episode to episode. However, on average; You can earn an average of 1000-2000 VC from a 15-minute episode. There will be episodes where you will earn much less or more.

Who is the girl on NBA 2K23 2KTV?

Alexis Morgan – Host/Producer at NBA 2KTV. Linkedin and Instagram.

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