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List of All Body Parts and Stats in Necrosmith

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  1. Heads
  2. Body
  3. Arms Part 1
  4. Arms Part 2
  5. Legs

This is list of all the body parts and the stats they have, if there are some super uncommon drops that i missed then please let me know.

Take note that DPS values from weapons and abilities are adjusted in game real time when you do castle upgrades to increase damage, the values I have gathered are based on +0 damage upgrades.

** DPS numbers marked with ** are not adjusted for Castle upgrade modifiers which at the time of writing down I did not know affected DPS values. If you know the base values for them then let me know.


Component NameHealthRegenerationArmorSpeedViewAbilityAbility DPSCost
Skeleton Head10-1171
Skeleton Head with Magic Hat10-1182
Skeleton Head with Helmet101-2163
Zombie Head20-2194
Zombie Head with Magic Hat20-3205
Zombie Head with Helmet201-3186
Orc Skeleton Head30-377
Orc Head401-4810
Orc Skeleton Head with Helmet302-4610
Orc head with Helmet4012-5713
Harpy Head70-13018
Harpy Head with Helmet701-22520
Lizard Man Head1002-21222
Cyclops Head902-5424
Lizard Man Head with Helmet10021-31124
Vampire Head801-213Vampire Bite1024
Illithid head1001-32025
Mantis Head502-36Acid Spit1225
Werewolf head8021-515Werewolf Bite19.525
Jotun Head902-62528
Treant Head1001-5528
Jotan Head with Armor906-82030
Steel Golem Head1108-51035
Demon Head1503-412Horn Strike2540
Angel Head140-530Halo Radiance191**50
Draconic Head11024-525Dragon Breath150**50
Elemental Head1601-6655
Mechanoid Head2508-83070
Mechanoid Head with Flamethrower2006-820Flamethrower1395**80
Mechanoid Head with Laser2006-820Laser10590


Component NameHealthRegenerationArmorSpeedViewAbilityAbility DPSCost
Skeleton Body30-21
Skeleton Body with Armor302-33
Skeleton Body with Cloak30-2Magic Shield1.43
Zombie Body60-34
Zombie Body with Armor602-46
Zombie Body with Cloak60-3Magic Barrier1.46
Orc Skeleton Body70-47
Orc Body1202-510
Orc Skeleton Body with Armor704-510
Orc Body with Armor12024-613
Harpy Body2001-215
Harpy Body with Armor20012-318
Vampire Body2103-4Bats1026
Lizard Man Body2504-428
Lizard Man Body with Armor25043-530
Mantis Body1508-430
Werewolf Body27032-730
Trent Body2902-835
Illithid Body3003-540
Jotun Body2755-1045
Jotun Body with Armor2758-1250
Demon Body3308-655
Steel Golem Body31012-955
Angel Body with Wings3401560
Draconic Body32056-10Fire Aura170**70
Elemental Body4203-12Volcanic Awakening8080
Mechanoid Body75014-1490
Mechanoid Body with Rocket Launcher60012-14Missile Storm41110

Arms Part 1

Component NameHealthRegenerationArmorSpeedViewAbilityAbility DPSCost
Skeleton Arm with Crossbow20-2Rusty Crossbow5.83
Skeleton Arm with Magic Wand20-1Cracked Magic Wand2.93
Skeleton Arm with Saber20-2Saber13.23
Skeleton Arm with Shield202-2Buckler Shield3.93
Skeleton Arm with Armor and Crossbow201-3Rusty Crossbow5.85
Skeleton Arm with Armor and Saber201-3Saber13.25
Skeleton Arm with Armor and Shield203-3Buckler Shield3.95
Skeleton Arm with Book of Ice20-2Ice Ball35
Zombie Arm with Crossbow30-3Crossbow6.86
Zombie Arm with Magic Wand30-3Magic Wand46
Zombie Arm with Shield303-3Light Shield66
Zombie Arm with Sword30-3Sword17.46
Zombie Arm with Armor and Crossbow301-4Crossbow6.87
Zombie Arm with Armor And Shield304-4Light Shield67
Zombie Arm with Armor and Sword301-4Sword17.47
Zombie Arm with Book of Lightining30-3Book of Lightining14.48
Orc Skeleton Arm with Mace40-4Orc Mace19.510
Orc Skeleton Arm with Shield404-4Orc Shield7.810
Orc Skeleton Arm with Thowing Axe40-4Throwing Axe10.810
Orc Arm with Mace501-5Orc Mace19.513
Orc Arm with Shield5014-5Orc Shield7.813
Orc Arm with Throwing Axe501-5Throwing Axe10.813
Orc Skeleton Arm with Armor and Mace402-5Orc Mace19.513
Orc Skeleton Arm with Armor and Shield406-5Orc Shield7.813
Orc Skeleton Arm with Armor and Thowing Axe402-5Throwing Axe10.813
Orc Arm with Armor and Mace5012-6Orc Mace19.516
Orc Arm with Armor and Shield5016-6Orc Shield7.816
Orc Arm with Armor and Throwing Axe5012-6Throwing Axe10.816

Arms Part 2

Component NameHealthRegenerationArmorSpeedViewAbilityAbility DPSCost
Vampire Arm1052-2Bat Flock2622
Harpy Wing10015Shockwave2725
Mantis Arm608-3Mantis Claw5625
Werewolf Arm15021-6Werewolf Claws5625
Harpy Wing with Steel Feathers100113Steel Feather Whirl2627
Lizard Man Arm with Bomb1503-4Bomb1228
Lizard Man Arm with Disc15032-4Disc3928
Lizard Man Arm with Spear1503-4Spear4928
Cyclops Arm with Boulder1602-7Boulder Toss4030
Cyclops Arm with Uprooted tree1602-7Tree Strike6030
Lizard Man Arm with Armor and Bomb15032-5Bomb1230
Lizard Man Arm with Armor and Disc15034-5Disc3930
Lizard Man Arm with Armor and Spear15032-5Spear4930
Treant Arm with Beehive1701-7Hive2130
Trent Arm1701-6Slashing Branches5430
Joten Arm with Double Axe1554-8Axe Strike5635
Jotun Arm with Ice Sword1554-8Ice Sword6335
Jotun Arm with Totem1554-8Shock Totem5235
Joten Arm with Armor and Double Axe1557-10Axe Strike5637
Jotun Arm with Armor and Ice Sword1557-10Ice Sword6337
Jotun Arm with Armor and Totem1557-10Shock Totem5237
Illithid Arm with Book of Nightmares2002-4Book of Nightmares5140
Illithid Arm with Dreadstaff2002-4Dreadstaff11740
Illithid Arm with Slave Brain2002-4Slave Brain8040
Demon Arm with Grvitation Orb2404-5Gravitation orb4945
Demon Arm with Kusarigama2404-5Kusarigama10445
Demon Arm with Whip2404-5Whip Lash9945
Steel Golem Arm with Steam Gun210010-7Steam Gun6645
Steel Golem Arm with Steam Saw210010-7Steam Saw10145
Draconic Wings1503210Splitting Wing98**50
Elemental Arm2702-8Volcanic Awakening8060
Angel Arm with Flaming Sword250-7Flaming Sword10070
Angel Arm with Glaive250-7Glaive of Vengeance11070
Mechanoid Arm with Dual Lightsaber35010-10Lightsaber202100
Mechanoid Arm with Flamethrower35010-10Flamethrower1395100
Mechanoid Arm with Granade Launcher35010-10Granade Launcher340**110
Mechanoid Arm with Machine Gun35010-10Machine Gun216120


Component NameHealthRegenerationArmorSpeedViewAbilityAbility DPSCost
Skeleton Leg20281
Skeleton Leg with Boot201263
Zombie Leg30324
Zombie Leg with Boot301306
Orc Skeleton Leg40367
Orc Leg5014010
Orc Skeleton Leg with Boot4013210
Orc Leg with Boot50113613
Harpy Leg803015
Lizard Man Leg12035518
Trent Leg16014518
Vampire Leg10024018
Cyclopse Leg15025020
Illithid Leg19023020
Lizard Man Leg with Boot120325020
Mantis Leg6076020
Werewolf Leg140215520
Harpy Leg with Steel Claws80128Steel Claws422
Jotun Leg14534022
Jotun leg with Armor14564026
Steel Golem Leg10084030
Angel Leg2404535
Demon leg23045035
Draconic Leg220334045
Elemental Leg26023050
Mechanoid Leg30084570

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