Neon White How to start level 11-7: Access

Neon White How to start level 11-7 Access

‘Q’ swaps your cards around.

Beating the first obstacle

How to start level 11-7: Access

After jumping up to a platform, you see a Page from the book of life, a godspeed knight, a floater in the distance in front of a breakable wall.

If you use page from the book of life on the knight, you then have the godspeed card in front of page from the book of life. How do you reach the floater?

Press ‘Q’ and the cards swap.

You can then reach the floater, press ‘Q’ and break through the wall with godspeed.

I must have spent half an hour trying to figure this out, never realising you could swap the cards around! I assume the developers are aware of this problem, since there’s a much slower way around, and you still get the gold medal. I hope this helps and saves you the time searching for the solution!

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Written by Kriskid