Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Cheats & Console Commands

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Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Cheats

There are two methods of entering commands. The most common method is to press ~ to bring up the console. Alternatively, you can use the chat window to enter commands. To do this, type the desired command with “##” directly preceeding it. Example: ##DebugMode 1

Note that commands are case sensitive. Many will also ask you to select a target. For those commands which ask for a target, you can click on either the character or, in the case of party members, the character’s portrait. And finally, remember that you have to enable debug mode before you can use console commands. The game will acknowledge any properly entered commands but will not actually carry them out if debug mode is not enabled.

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Console Commands

DebugMode 1Enables debug mode & the use of console commands.
DebugMode 0Disables debug mode & the use of console commands.
ModSTR #Adds # points to STRENGTH score.
ModDEX #Adds # points to DEXTERITY score.
ModCON #Adds # points to CONSTITUTION score.
ModINT #Adds # points to INTELLIGENCE score.
ModWIS #Adds # points to WISDOM score.
ModCHA #Adds # points to CHARISMA score.
SetSTR #Sets STRENGTH to #.
SetDEX #Sets DEXTERITY to #.
SetWIS #Sets WISDOM to #.
SetCHA #Sets CHARISMA to #.
dm_modifyattackbase #Modify base chance-to-hit.
dm_modifysavefortitude #Modify base fortitude.
dm_modifysavereflex #Modify base reflex.
dm_modifysavewill #Modify base will.
dm_modifyspellresistence #Modify base spell resistence.
dm_givegold #Add # gold.
GiveXP #Give # experience points.
dm_levelupLevel up (may not work)
dm_givelevel #Level up (also may not work)
dm_godToggles god mode.
dm_healCast Heal on yourself.
dm_allspells 1Grants access to all spells regardless of class or level.
dm_allspells 0Disables effects of “dm_allspells 1”.
dm_mylittleponyFast movement (is Magic).
dm_cowsfromhellCrossover content fom Blizzard. Summons infernal bovine aid.
showpartynamesShow party members’ names on the sidebar.
hidepartynamesHide party members’ names on the sidebar.
fpsDisplay frame counter.
dm_setraceChange your race.
dm_modifyage #Change your age.
SetAppearance #Change your appearance (001-298)
dm_gettimeSee current in-game time.
dm_settimeChange current in-game time.

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  1. Can’t seem to open console commands on ps4, tried the ##DebugMode 1 and it didn’t work. Any suggestions?

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