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New World Fishing Cheat Sheet

Get your fishing on. Learn where to catch the best fish and what bait to use with this simple guide.

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New World Fishing Cheat Sheet

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New World Fishing Cheat Sheet

Fishing is a Gathering skill used to catch and obtain Fish for use in Cooking as well as a number of other applications. Fishing can be performed at any body of water in Aeternum. This includes Fresh Water lakes, ponds and rivers as well as Salt Water fishing spots comprised of the sea that surrounds the island. Higher-level fishers can also acquire the ability to discover and detect Fishing Hotspots, which are special areas on the map that provide a boost to bite speed and rarity of fish caught while fishing.

A Fishing Pole is required in order to do any fishing. As with any Trade Skill, Fishing is leveled up by continual use of the skill. Unlock other Trade Skills, however, fishing is a lot more involved and the process plays out much like a mini-game with several stages.

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