New World Iron Ore Locations: How to Get Fae Iron

Iron Ore Locations in New World Where to find Fae Iron

There is a lot of iron ore to be found in New World. You just have to know where to look. In the guide we show you all the locations where you can find iron ore.

Iron ore is an absolutely essential resource in New World. You’ll need the raw material again and again in the new MMO from Amazon Games to really push the crafting system to the limit. Especially for weapons and armor, iron is used again and again – but the necessary iron ore has to be found first. In this guide, we’ll show you all the places where you can find iron ore in New World.

New World Iron Ore Locations

In best MMO fashion, New World regularly sends you on your way to find materials for new equipment on your own. From fibers to stones to feathers and lumber, you’ll have to dig up all of Aeternum to survive against monsters and critters on the island. Metals in particular are essential in New World if you want to deal more damage and take less. Iron ore is just the start of it and is abundant on the island – But you have to know where to look.

Note: You can increase your chances of getting your hands on fae iron by increasing your mining luck. You need to either craft it or buy it from a Trading Post. Crafting is the cheaper option.

Roasted Potatoes

  • Mining buff: Increases your luck when mining by 1000 points for 20 minutes.
  • Ingredients: Potato x1, Butter x1, Peppercorn x1

Herb-Roasted Potatoes

  • Mining buff: Increases your luck when mining by 1400 points for 25 minutes.
  • Ingredients: Potato x1, Honey x1, Butter x1, Cinnamon x1

You can find iron ore everywhere on Aeternum, literally. The resource can be found in every region of New World’s world. However, the placement is very specific, since each region is also divided into individual biomes, with each biome again offering its own raw materials. Also, there is no tutorial for finding iron in New World. Instead, the player character is simply provided with some iron ore for the introduction to weapon crafting. So let’s see where we can find some supplies.

Iron Ore Locations in New World – All Locations

Iron ore is especially common in New World on or near rocky cliffs. In the starting region of King’s Rock, you have a good chance of finding a few ore deposits on higher ledges. The deposits are quite numerous at the respective locations, but the brown-gray chunks can quickly blur into the other rocks. In the following images you can see the individual locations for each region in New World.


Iron Ore Locations in New World #1

Shattered Mountain

Iron Ore Locations in New World #2

Ebonscale Reach

Iron Ore Locations in New World #3


Iron Ore Locations in New World #4


Iron Ore Locations in New World #5

Monarch’s Bluffs

Iron Ore Locations in New World #6

First Light

Iron Ore Locations in New World #7


Iron Ore Locations in New World #8

If you want to mine iron ore early in the starting areas, you should first get a pickaxe, which you can easily craft from fresh wood and flints. For each of the three starting areas, there are deposits of iron ore that you can visit in the first hour.

  • First light: On the way from the watchtower on the beach to the settlement, north of the path.
  • King’s Rock: Large occurrences on the cliffs south of the settlement
  • Windsward: Some occurrences in the highlands south of the settlement

Once you have mined enough iron ore and other ores and reached level 25 in the mining skill, you can make your life even easier when collecting resources in New World. At level 25, you unlock the ability to track iron ore. Tracking materials in New World works differently than in other MMOs. Instead of being displayed on the map, iron ore will appear on your compass as soon as you are less than 100 meters away from it. This means you no longer have to blindly search the cliffs.

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