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New World Petalcap Locations

If you want to do alchemy in New World, you’ll have to collect lots of mushrooms and plants. We’ll show you where you can find the important petalcaps.

If you want to devote yourself to brewing potions and tinctures in New World, you will have to spend some time in the open fields of the MMO and collect plants. Especially popular and often used is a mushroom called blossom cap. Since the blossom cap is mainly found regionally in New World, we will show you the most important locations here.

New World Petalcap Locations

What do you need petalcaps for? The way alchemy works in New World is that several materials fall into one of four categories of reagents: magical, medicinal, offensive, and protective. Through the Arcana profession and its associated workbench, you can craft these reagents with other raw materials to create various products, such as tinctures and potions. The petal cap falls under the category of protective reagents.

Petalcaps Locations in New World (Ego Quest)

As such, you will need the Petal Cap in New World to craft protective tinctures that will protect you against certain status effects. Also, the quest “Weakness of the Ego” requires you to collect some of these mushrooms. You can obtain Blossom Caps from the much larger Blossom Cap fronds, which look a bit like giant artichokes. Blossom cap fronds can only be found around one region on Aeternum, however.

Where to find petalcaps?

Here you can see all the places where you can find the mushroom.
Where can I find petalcaps? In New World, you can find petalcaps almost exclusively around the Wind Circle starter area. In the region, which is designed for levels 1 – 25, you will be able to find the required blossom cap fronds pretty much everywhere, but they are especially common in the border areas to King’s Rock and First Light. Here you can see all the locations where you can collect petalcaps. For more material locations, take a look at this interactive map of New World.

New World: Find petalcaps

What do you need to mine? As with many other herbs and plants in Alchemy, you don’t need a minimum level to mine petal cap fronds, much like finding and gathering iron in New World. You only need to have a sickle equipped, and a flint one will suffice. Petalcaps are very useful even at low arcana levels, as they can be used for a few level 1 tinctures. For example, you can make Common Corruption Tinctures, which will cancel the Corruption status and increase your resistance to it for a short time. All you need is water and a water reagent.

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