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NFS Unbound Controller Remapping

Don’t like NFS Unbound’s controller mapping? Customize it yourself by following this guide!

NFS Unbound Controller Remapping

Please note the following:

  • This guide is based on using manual transmission. I’m not a fan of automatic.
  • My experience is based on a free weekend, so not much testing was done.
  • I haven’t yet considered if a mode shift is needed for switching between In Menus and In World controls. Some controls may not work.
  • This is a rough guide, barebones, doesn’t explain or list everything. This guide may be updated in the future.

Controller to Steam Setup

This section is necessary to complete only once. If you already set up your controller for another game you can skip this.

  • From Steam, enter Big Picture Mode. The icon can be found in the top right corner between your name and Minimize Window. It looks like an icon of a computer monitor. Alternatively, go to the upper left menus and go to View > Big Picture Mode.
  • Click on the gear icon in the top right (Settings), then Controller Settings. Ensure only the PS4 Support box (or XBox Support box) is checked.
  • Connect your controller (USB or bluetooth). Steam should recognize it and register it to your account. It just means whenever you plug in/turn on a PS4/XB controller it loads its settings. You can mess around with applicable controller settings like light bar brightness, color, etc.

Configuring Controller for NFS Unbound

Now that Steam recognizes your controller, you can configure your controller for the game. You do not need to be in Big Picture Mode for this.

  • Start by going to Library and finding NFS Unbound. Click on the Controller Layout button on the right side of the banner.
  • A pop-up window should appear. Steam recognizes that NFS Unbound has controller layout. The pop-up window should say something like “NFS Unbound layout” at the top of the window. My screenshot below doesn’t show it since I already modified the layout.
  • Click on the little right arrow “>” to select a new layout. I recommend Gamepad with High Precision Camera/Aim like in my second screenshot below.
  • From here, click on Edit Layout if you aren’t already looking at it. You will then see ways to edit the various buttons, triggers, etc. (third screenshot below)
  • The important part of editing your controller inputs is to match the in-game keyboard controls. I left the keyboard controls to default so the mapping is predictable. Below the screenshots is a table of the default keyboard mapping alongside my controller mappings as an example.

Controller Layout below:

Controller Remapping for NFS Unbound

Pop-up window with layout Gamepad with High Precision Camera/Aim

Controller Remapping for NFS Unbound

Editing the controller mapping

Controller Remapping for NFS Unbound

List of keyboard inputs as arranged in NFS Unbound. Keyboard is set to default controls. Controls that I did not edit will be marked with (unedited) due to the controls being picked up in-game as desired.

Look LeftLeft Arrow(unedited)
Look RightRight Arrow(unedited)
Camera ForwardsUp Arrow(unedited)
Look BackDown Arrow(unedited)
HandbrakeSpaceRight Bumper
Gear UpOTriangle
Toggle CameraCLeft Trigger
MapMGamepad touch left
Engine OffE65
Steer LeftA(unedited)
Steer RightD(unedited)
HornHLeft joystick click
Gear DownLSquare
“Enter”EnterRight joystick click I left the DPad untouched to maintain normal in-game functionality.

Closing Remarks

I get that if you play with a PS4 controller you can use DS4Windows but since this is a Steam guide I’m writing this using what’s available within Steam.

I didn’t test the controls much due to a free weekend and not purchasing the game. Happy racing!

Written by MDMA

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