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Niffelheim – Open the Vault

A guide on how to open the vault in your base!

Open the Vault

I am sure that some of you have noticed that there is a Vault in your base. Many of you may have spent a while trying to find the three didgit code to open it. Opening this vault is actually very simple. Follow these steps and you will be able to get the items and a very small amount of extra storage.

  • Enter your base
  • Travel all the way right, to the area between your storage chest and alchemy station.
  • You will notice a hole in the floor that looks red. There is a chain going down into that hole. Activate that chain/chain pully.
  • Notice there is a skeleton holding a paper in the cage that just came up. Activate the paper. and you will get the first 2 digits of your code.
  • Travel back to the vault and enter the first two numbers.
  • Test out with every other number that could be your final number.

That is how you open the vault. You should get at least 3 random items out of your chest. The code is also random to open it so I can not simply provide you mine. if you keep the code in mind you will have access to 4 extra slots of storage for your character!

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Good look and Victory or Valhalla!

Written by Earthydove

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