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Nioh 2 A Hot-blooded Howl Kodama Locations

A Hot-blooded Howl Kodama Locations

  1. When you reach the temple from the starting point, go east and exit the small red torii gate where you’ll see a patrolling soldier and another that’s looting a corpse. You’ll find the Kodama behind the stone lantern.
  2. The second Kodama can be found near the starting point, under the stairs outside the temple on the west side. You can go around it or open the door from the east entrance.
  3. The third Kodama is inside the cave where you find Maeda Toshiie. Head to the east section of the cave from where you fought the Waira and Aberrant Soldier. Go up the stairs, then turn right, you’ll find the Kodama on the left side of the corridor, standing next to some candles.
  4. The fourth Kodama can be found in the opposite room where you found the third Kodama. Go in the large room that seems to be a dead-end where there are two Dweller. Check the wall that’s on the left side for it to reveal itself as Nurikabe. You’ll find the Kodama behind it next to some Jizo statutes.
  5. The last Kodama can be found at the right side behind the red pillar beside the closed door of the marked destination.

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