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Nioh 2 Combat Guide

The basic mechanic is still similar to Nioh where there is an HP bar for your health or hit points and a Ki bar that acts as stamina and governs your actions.

Nioh 2 Combat Guide

This post covers various information on both old and new combat mechanics of Nioh 2.

Burst Attacks

  • Enemy yokai are capable of using truly devastating attacks that are fortunately well-telegraphed It takes an immense amount of Ki for the enemy yokai to unleash these which they will attempt to swiftly recover from the miasma of the Yokai realm that will emerge after the attack. If you manage to interrupt the attack, no Yokai Realm will appear.
  • Beware a yokai whose bloodlust has reached its apex. You will know the signs. But should you fail to see it, then pray you to survive the blow. If you can still stand, try not to be swallowed by the darkness brought forth by the beast.

Burst Counters

R2+ Circle

  • Consume 1 of Anima to unleash a Burst Counter that varies based on the Guardian Spirits currently in use. The Brute Burst Counter transforms you into a yokai temporarily and then unleashes a powerful attack. If you manage to interrupt the enemy’s Burst Attack with this move, a large amount of Ki damage will be inflicted.
  • Guardian Spirits hold an extraordinary power: the power to draw out the yokai within. With this power and your blood, you will be able to hold your own against any yokai.
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Yokai Abilities

Activate Yokai Ability: Attune Soul Core to Guardian Spirit and accumulate enough Anima, then press R2 + Triangle/Square.

  • Each Soul Core possesses a unique power, each requiring different amounts of Anima to activate. A Guardian Spirit can be attuned to up to two Soul Cores, each one corresponding to a different slot and activation command. Anima is gained as you perform Melee Attacks on an opponent. Some Guardian Spirits and Soul Cores may provide you with alternative methods to increase your Anima.

Dying in Nioh 2

  • When you die, you will lose unpurified Soul Cores, along with your absorbed Amrita. However, if you die while possessed by a Guardian Spirit, they can be retrieved along with your Amrita by touching your grave. When you die, you will not lose Soul Cores that have been purified at a shrine. There are also some Usable Items that you can use to summon your guardian spirit from your grave, which also collects the Amrita you’ve lost.

Using Hot springs

  • Volcanically active Japan is a land of natural hot springs. Enter one of these pools to soothe yourself and recover strength. You will find the experience most refreshing.

Yokai and Blessed Weapons

  • A Yokai Weapon is imbued with Corruption, allowing it to deal with additional Ki damage, and build-up the Corruption status effect on those it is used against. Enemies that are inflicted with the Corrupted status ailment receive increased Ki and Anima damage, of which, a portion is absorbed by their attacker. When you inflict damage on an enemy with a Yokai Weapon, the Sentience Gauge will build-up. When it completely fills up, your weapon will enter an Awakened State, during which, your weapon’s power will be enhanced.
  • A Blessed Weapon is imbued with Purity, allowing it to deal with additional Ki damage, and build-up the Purity status effect on those it is used against. Enemies that are inflicted with the Purity status ailment receive increased Ki and Anima damage when attacked by a Blessed Weapon, and if the enemy is Yokai, it will remove and block all enhanced statuses. When you guard with a Blessed Weapon, you can recover a portion of your lost Ki by performing a Ki Pulse.
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  • Quick Attack: ❑ Strong Attack: A
    The quick attack is fast and doesn’t consume much Ki, but only causes light damage. The strong attack is powerful, but consumes more Ki and lowers your guard. If your Ki reaches zero, you will not be able to attack until it recovers.


  • Switch Stance: High Stance: RI + 0 Mid Stance: Oil + 0 Low Stance: 1-RI +
    High Stance emphasizes attack power. It allows for powerful techniques. Mid Stance is good for defense. It has a wide range of techniques and is easy to use. Low Stance is good for dodging. It doesn’t consume much Ki and also maintains your guard as you move.


  • To grapple Press the Triangle button next to a human who is out of Ki or a downed yokai. Grapple a human who is out of Ki or a downed yokai to deal them a powerful blow.

Ki Pulse

  • Ki Pulse: R 1 button while blue lights gather around you after an attack A Ki Pulse recovers your Ki. The amount varies based on your timing. The maximum amount is determined by your Ki Gauge.

Yokai Realm and Purifications

  • Yokai Realm: Another world borne from the Yokai.

When you are in the Yokai Realm, your Ki recovery speed is greatly reduced. Conversely, the powers of the Yokai themselves are enhanced there.

  • Purify: By successfully executing a Ki Pulse within a Yokai Realm, you can cleanse and dis el that Yokai Realm.
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