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Nioh 2 Yokai Shift Guide

Yokai Shift Guide

Burst Counter

  • A Burst Counter is a special move that allows players to perform a quick action that negates or dodges an enemy’s dangerous attack. Press R2+O to consume 1 of Anima and unleash a Burst Counter that varies based of the Guardian Spirit currently in use. The Brute Burst Counter transforms you into a yokai temporarily and then unleashes a powerful attack. If you manage to interrupt the enemy’s Bust Attack with this move, a large amount of Ki damage will be inflicted.

How to activate Yokai Shift

  • Activate Yokai Shift by pressing △ + O (B + Y on Xbox/Steam controller) when the Amrita Gauge is full. Activating Yokai Shift will replace your Life Gauge and Ki Gauge with the Yokai Shift Gauge. While in Yokai Shift, any damage you receive will not affect your health or Ki, depleting your Yokai Shift Gauge instead. The Yokai Shift Gauge will also deplete with time, transforming you back into human form when it is fully depleted.
  • While Yokai Shift is active, your melee attack power will be increased and touching the Yokai Realm will automatically disperse it, producing Amrita in its place. Absorbing Amrita into your body will charge the Yokai Shift Gauge. Absorbing amrita into your weapon instead will strengthen it and increase its area of effect.
  • Yokai Shift is the obscure art of channeling your Guardian Spirit’s power in order to unleash your own, temporarily transforming you into a full-blooded yokai. master this art to enhance your performance in battle, fleeting though its effects may be.
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Yokai Shift 2

  • During Yokai Shift, you can consume your Yokai Shift Gauge to unleash a powerful skill unique to your Guardian Spirit.
  • You can also end Yokai Shift by sheathing your weapon before th Yokai Shift Gauge is fully depleted. Doing this transfers the remains of the Yokai Shift Gauge to your Amrita Gauge.
  • The bond with your Guardian Spirit is strengthened while your body bears the form of a yokai. Finding your focus shall make the true power of this sacred bond manifest. Yet do not forget: the tide of battle is wont to turn, and one’s window to retreat is best discerned.

Yokai Shift 3

  • Guardian Spirit Skill: △ + O (B + Y on Xbox/Steam controller) while in Yokai Shift. Consumes your Yokai Shift Gauge to unleash a powerful Guardian Spirit Skill. The type will vary depending on your Guardian Spirit.

Yokai Shift 4

  • Yokai Shift Grapple: While in Yokai Shift, press △ (Y on Xbox/Steam controller) next to a human who is out of Ki or a downed yokai. While in Yokai Shift, your grapples will be stronger than usual.

Yokai Shift Modes

Yokai Shift: Brute


In Brute form, you cannot be staggered by enemy attacks.

A Brute you may be, but savage you are not. Your inhuman strength is only made greater by the techniques you master with your human mind.

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Fang Break allows you to repel enemy attacks. Repelling an attack will inflict a heavy staggering effect on a human enemy. Yokai enemies will both be staggered and forced to release some of their Amrita.

  • Fang Break: While in Brute Form, press L1 + △ (Y on Xbox/Steam controller) with the right timing when an enemy attacks.

Yokai Shift: Feral


In Feral form, you can dodge while performing Quick Attacks.

Executing a Quick Attack again during a dodge allows you to proceed to the next step of this attack combo.

Additionally, dodging an enemy’s attack immediately before it makes contact will sometimes produce Amrita.

  • Shadowstep: Dodge (X) while performing a Quick Attack (Square).
  • Shadowstab: Execute a Quick Attack (Square) while performing Shadowstep.

Yokai Shift: Phantom


In Phantom Form, you cannot be staggered by enemy attacks

Blood Moon – Yin allows you to launch your weapon at an enemy. If your weapon finds its mark, you will instantly be teleported to your enemy’s side.

Blood Moon – Yang also allows you to throw your weapon by tapping the command for the opposing attack while performing a Quick or Strong attack.

  • Blood Moon – Yin: Hold L2 to aim and press R2
  • Blood Moon – Yang: While performing a Quick Attack (Square) or Strong Attack (Triangle), quickly execute the opposing attack.
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