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No Man’s Sky How to Craft Stasis Devices from Scratch

Go from Zero to 15,600,000.0

Why Stasis Devices?

Why would you want to craft Stasis Devices from scratch? It’s simple. They’re worth 15,600,000 units each and once you get set up you can gather all the materials needed to make one in no time. First I’ll show you what you need then I’ll show you how to get them.

Materials Needed

  1. 100 Cactus Flesh
  2. 50 Faecium
  3. 300 Frost Crystal
  4. 400 Gamma Root
  5. 200 Solanium
  6. 200 Star Bulb
  7. 500 Nitrogen
  8. 500 Sulphurine
  9. 500 Radon
  10. 50 Dioxite
  11. 50 Paraffinium
  12. 50 Phosphorus
  13. 200 Ionised Cobalt
  14. 300 Condensed Carbon

1 – 6

1 – 6 are pretty easy. They can all be acquired from traders, trade terminals, or harvested from crops and minerals in the wild. You don’t need many of these to get started growing them. Get the blueprints for the seeds from the construction blueprint terminal in the Anomaly. Once you have them you can set up hydroponic trays in your freighter and grow all of these precursors sustainably. If you are struggling to find any of these things go to your Discoveries tab and look up a system / planet that you have found that has what you are looking for. Warp there with a teleporter or set a waypoint and head there and get it.

You’ll find cactus flesh on desert planets growing on huge cacti.

Faecium can be picked up from creature droppings, refining mordite, or in plants and minerals in lush biomes.

Frost crystals are harvested from Frostwart on icy planets or refined:

Dioxite x 2 + Oxygen x 1 = Frost crystal  
Dioxite x 1 + Radon x 1 = Frost crystal

Gamma root is found on scorched or irradiated planets harvested from the Gamma weed or refined:

Uranium x 2 + Oxygen x 1 = Gamma root 
Uranium x 1 + Radon x 1 = Gamma root 

Star bulbs need to be harvested with the Haz-Mat Gauntlet which can be bought from the exosuit upgrade merchant in the Anomaly. Search for planets that have Star Bulbs and look for the glowing orbs on the vine or use your analysis visor to find them.

Look for Solanium in hot climates. You’ll also need the Haz-Mat Gauntlet for this one. If needed you can refine:

Phosphorus x 2 + Oxygen x 1 = 1 Solanium

I have the entire second floor of my freighter base dedicated to growing the above hydroponic plants. You can go crazy or just do one large hydroponic tray per plant if you’d like. Consider also growing in Bio-Domes which can be harvested with a single click but they cannot be built in freighter bases.

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7 – 9

7 – 9 need to be extracted from the atomosphere using an atmosphere extractor. You get these blueprints from the same place you got your seed ones or by doing the Base Computer missions. You have to get the Survey Device from Iteration Eos on the Anomaly before you can find gas hotspots on planets using your multitool. Once you have all of that start by getting Nitrogen from a lushy paradise-like planet. They’re also good for extracting Paraffinium with a mineral extractor.

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The setup
Drop a Base computer down where you want to start extracting your gas or mineral. This will allow you to easily teleport back to the location to collect it. You can also build a teleporter here so you can teleport to your other gas/mineral sites with ease.

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I set up 4 mineral or atmosphere extractors per site. I set up 2 batteries and I connect 4 solar panels to each of batteries making a total of 8. Each battery connects to 2 mineral or atmosphere extractors.

4 solar panels and a battery will also power a teleporter even in the dark. If you want to set up a bigger operation just scale out using these numbers but I’ve found 4 is plenty even for C class hot spots.

Build a Supply Depot and connect all 4 extractors to it with Supply Lines. This is where your materials will be stored and you will gather them from. You do not need to connect any power to it.

If your hot spot is on a steep ridge build a floor and a landing pad for easier access.

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10 – 12

10 – 12 need to be extracted out of the ground using mineral extractors using the above technique to find them and set them up. I have a total of 4 neighboring planets I harvest all of these materials from all set up with teleporters and it takes me less than 10 minutes to harvest thousands of the materials.

  • One paradise planet has Nitrogen gas and a Parafinnium mineral deposit.
  • Another icy planet has Radon gas, Dioxite minerals, and as a bonus (not needed) Copper.
  • Another planet has Phosphorus minerals and Sulfurine gas.
  • Then last but not least another paradise planet is where I grab the Cobalt minerals.

13 – 14

13 – 14 require refining. Set up vertical hydroponic gardens for harvesting carbon or get it from the wild it’s abundant.

Get a large refiner blueprint and refine Cobalt and Oxygen together to make a bunch of Ionised Cobalt.

Refine Carbon and Oxygen together to make a bunch of Condensed carbon.

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My storage units and vertical gardens.

Build a teleporter in your freighter base for easy travels.

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The Grind

Start collecting and refining all of the above plants, gasses, and minerals. Store it in freighter storage units pictured above near the vertical hydroponics planters. Make sure you’ve bought all of the necessary blueprints from the Synthesis Laboratory in the Anomaly.

Now here’s the Stasis Device inventory craft flow:

100 Frost Crystal + 200 Solanium = 1 Heat Capactior
100 Cactus Flesh + 200 Star Bulb = 1 Poly Fibre

– 1 Heat Capacitor + 1 Poly Fibre = 1 Circuit Board

250 Sulphurine + 50 Condensed Carbon = 1 Thermic Condensate
250 Nitrogen + 50 Condensed Carbon = 1 Nitrogen Salt

– 1 Thermic Condensate + 1 Nitrogen Salt = 1 Semiconductor

250 Radon + 50 Condensed Carbon = 1 Enriched Carbon

– 1 Enrinched Carbon + 1 Semiconductor = 1 Superconductor

– – 1 Circuit Board + 1 Superconductor = 1 Quantum Processor

50 Faecium + 400 Gamma root = 1 Lubricant
200 Frost Crystal = 5 Glass

– 1 Lubricant + 5 Glass = 1 Living Glass

250 Radon + 50 Condensed Carbon = 1 Enriched Carbon
250 Nitrogen + 50 Condensed Carbon = 1 Nirogen Salt

– 1 Enriched Carbon + 1 Nitrogen Salt = 1 Hot Ice

250 Sulphurine + 50 Condensed Carbon = 1 Thermic Condensate

– – 1 Hot Ice + 1 Thermic Condensate = 1 Cryo Pump

50 Paraffinium + 50 Ionised Cobalt = 1 Aronium
50 Phosphorus + 50 Ionised Cobalt = 1 Magno-Gold
50 Dioxite + 50 Ionised Cobalt = 1 Grantine

– – – 1 Aronium + 1 Magno-Gold + 1 Grantine = 1 Iridesite

Last step

– – – – 1 Iridesite + 1 Cryogenic Chamber + 1 Quantum Processor = 1 Stasis Device


Finally! The Stasis Device in all of it’s glory! Now you can kick back, relax, stack them up and hand them out to people in the Anomaly!

Or sell them for stacks upon stacks 🙂

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