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No Man’s Sky Xbox One Controller Config

Describes GeeTee’s NMS Xbox One Controller Config in detail and lists GeeTee’s matching in-game Quick Binds for the full experience!


Hey, thanks for checking out my guide. I spent over a week building and testing my Xbox One controller config for No Man’s Sky, and there’s a lot more to say about it than will fit in the config description, so I figured a companion guide would be useful.

The guide is in two parts, the first covers the controller config itself and lists the various bindings etc and the second part goes over my own in-game Quick Binds that go hand-in-hand with the config.

Before we start, here’s the link to the controller config itself. Copy/paste the link into a browser window to launch, then click Apply Configuration. Make sure that the game is closed, Steam is running and the controller is powered on when you do this:


OK, let’s dive in!

Controller Config

This section covers the controller config in detail. The config was originally built for NMS Beyond and is based on the Official Controller Config for Xbox One controllers by Hello Games. With that said I will only describe the changes and additions to the official configuration here.


Tweaks/Fixes: Swap Scan/Zoom in all modes, resize Terrain Manipulator with dpad so you can get more out of mined resources, enabled dpad L/R repeat in menus so you’re not forced to reach for the mouse.

Toggles: Double-press to toggle Visor/Fire/Jump/Thrust/Boost etc. These awesome quality-of-life tweaks leave your digits free to do other things!

Quick Binds: Support for all 10 Quick Binds in Foot, Flight and Exocraft modes via dpad long press and double press and LS/RS double press. Just add Quick Binds in game and they will work on the controller!

Dpad left – hold to repeat
Dpad right – hold to repeat

On Foot
Press LS – Zoom/Run
Press RS – Scan
Dpad left – decrease Terrain Manipulator size
Dpad right – increase Terrain Manipulator size
Double press LT – toggle Analysis Visor
Double press RT – toggle Fire Multitool
Double press A – toggle Jump (Jetpack)

Press LS – Zoom
Press RS – Scan
Double press LT – toggle Brake
Double press RT – toggle Thrust
Double press A – toggle Fire weapon
Double press B – toggle Boost

Press LS – Horn
Press RS – Scan
Double press LT – toggle Boost
Double press RT – toggle Fire
Double press A – toggle Vertical Thrust

Quick Binds (All Modes)
Long press dpad up – Ctrl+1
Long press dpad down – Ctrl+2
Long press dpad left – Ctrl+3
Long press dpad right – Ctrl+4
Double press dpad up – Ctrl+5
Double press dpad down – Ctrl+6
Double press dpad left – Ctrl+7
Double press dpad right – Ctrl+8
Double press LS – Ctrl+9
Double press RS – Ctrl+0

At this point I hope you can see that this is a highly configurable setup, with support for all 10 Quick Binds in all three game modes right there on the controller. You may be happy to stop here and set up your own Quick Binds in the game, in which case, good luck! Comment below if you have any questions or issues.

Otherwise, read on for my own carefully compiled set of Quick Binds that aim to make the most out of the controller for No Man’s Sky!

GeeTee’s Quick Binds

This section sets out the Quick Binds I came up with to work with the config. For my play style, I find these are fantastic because they bring a lot of features out of the Quick Menu and onto the controller in a meaningful and intuitive way.

To set up Quick Binds in-game, go to the Quick Menu (dpad down), choose the menu item you want to bind and then press Ctrl+n on the keyboard, where n correseponds to the number (0-9) you want to assign to that item.

When setting up Quick Binds, you can set up different bindings for each of the three modes, On Foot, Flight and Exocraft, but realise at least one (Photo Mode) is common to all modes.

My Approach
In the config, Quick Binds 1 through 4 are assigned to dpad long presses, binds 5 through 8 are on dpad double presses and 9 and 0 are on LS and RS double presses.

With this setup in mind, I chose:
dpad long presses – four common functions
dpad double presses – (up to) four summon functions
LS double press – shield recharge (situational – vary Quick Bind as required)
RS double press – weapon/engine etc recharge (situational – vary Quick Bind as required)

On Foot Quick Binds
Ctrl+1 (Long press dpad up) – Change camera view
Ctrl+2 (Long press dpad down) – Photo mode
Ctrl+3 (Long press dpad left) – Activate Torch
Ctrl+4 (Long press dpad right) – Change Secondary Weapon
Ctrl+5 (Double press dpad up) – Summon Ship
Ctrl+6 (Double press dpad down) – Summon Exocraft
Ctrl+7 (Double press dpad left) – Summon Freighter
Ctrl+8 (Double press dpad right) – [None]
Ctrl+9 (Double press LS) – Recharge Shield
Ctrl+0 (Double press RS) – Recharge Weapon/Life Support/Hazard Protection etc (situational)

Ctrl+1 (Long press dpad up) – Change camera view
Ctrl+2 (Long press dpad down) – Photo mode
Ctrl+3 (Long press dpad left) – Scan for Trade Outpost
Ctrl+4 (Long press dpad right) – Galaxy Map
Ctrl+5 (Double press dpad up) – [None]
Ctrl+6 (Double press dpad down) – [None]
Ctrl+7 (Double press dpad left) – Summon Freighter
Ctrl+8 (Double press dpad right) – Summon Space Anomaly
Ctrl+9 (Double press LS) – Recharge Shield
Ctrl+0 (Double press RS) – Recharge Weapon / Pulse Engine (situational)

Ctrl+1 (Long press dpad up – [None]
Ctrl+2 (Long press dpad down – Photo mode
Ctrl+3 (Long press dpad left – Use High Power Scanner (in-game binding bugged @ Sep 2019)
Ctrl+4 (Long press dpad right – [None]
Ctrl+5 (Double press dpad up – [None]
Ctrl+6 (Double press dpad down – [None]
Ctrl+7 (Double press dpad left – [None]
Ctrl+8 (Double press dpad right – [None]
Ctrl+9 (Double press LS – [None]
Ctrl+0 (Double press RS) – Recharge Weapon/Engine/Drive etc (situational)

Note: The Exocraft bindings are still somewhat WIP, as I only have the Nautilon at this point. I’ll update these if anything changes.

Written by GeeTee

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