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Nobody The Turnaround Gameplay Basics

This guide is about the basics of the game.

Nobody The Turnaround Gameplay Basics

Stay Alive and Healthy

A quick breakdown of all the stats and how to control them.

Cool goes from 0-100 like all the other stats , there are 5 “sub-stats” that affect this “main-stat” by applying buffs and debuffs. Buffs are cap at +2 , Debuffs are cap at -10,

High cool Green = You move faster and get a learning bonus to all Attributes of +20%.

  • Low Cool Red or Yellow = bad events , Slow movement speed and a decrease of pay while doing jobs.
  • Low Cool at Yellow = bad events and 70% of the pay.
  • Low Cool at Red = very bad events and only 50% of the pay.

Is very bad to have a yellow or red Cool and can end your game.

Mood – Is improve by doing activities is loss by working and some other things.
Tip: This one is very simple to control by doing at least 1 of the daily activity’s with a bonus (click on the mood icon to check them out they change every day) you can skip the mini-game and still get the 30 mood points or 60 by doing do both.

Fed – Just eat something.

Neatness – Currently equipped clothes cleanness.
Tip:You can use clean clothes while walking around or sleeping and change to dirty clothes before going to work doing this keeps you with a +2 buff , You can save money at laundry early game and durability and later once you have a apartment you save durability by not washing clothes as often.

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Hygiene – Use public sinks to clean yourself with a random chance to get sick , get cure at the clinic or wait it out, Later on you can take a bath at your apartment.

Satisfaction – Eat different things to raise your satisfaction especially candy’s you can’t abuse a specific food type every time as it will lose effectiveness, resets next day.
Tip: Beef Jerky you get a solid 10 points plus you can carry them with you, other good alternatives are Sugar cane and Ding Ding Candy.

Beef Jerky can be bough in any store that sells snacks 3 locations are 1-Convenience store, 2-Supermarket 3-Grocery, Ding Ding Candy near the bus station Sugar cane in the T section sidewalk near the Burning pot.

Jobs, Training and Reputation

There is many jobs in the game many of them require specific Attributes(Smart,Deft,Tough,Keen).

How to improve attributes? There is 2 ways by doing jobs or by training, there is 2 places of training Bookworm = Smart , Keen
Workout spot = Tough, Deft.
You can train up to 4 hours max per day.

For example Brick mover trains (Tough) every time you finish the job , it says so at the summary of your work day.

Reputation is very important to peddlers as it increase the foot traffic at your stall , best way to increase your Reputations is by doing community work ( just outside the police station ) 2 hours per day , You can get around 30-rep per day , reputation is cap at 100.

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Reaching reputation 60 in a job location allow you to go directly and ask for work , removing the job broker fee.

Making money

Using the hiring app in your phone can give you very lucrative job offers with big bonus pay.

Peddlers Stalls there are 6 locations and they have a specific items that sell faster and in larger quantity’s, All items are bought using your dBay app and collected at Buddy Express and flowers can be bought at Perfect Bouquet.

Some locations are unavailable if is raining Songfy Cafe and Park.

  1. Park = Toys; Dinosaurs ,Puzzle car ,Music top.
  2. Pub = Flowers,
  3. Disco = Disco stuff ; Glow Bracelet and Glow Glasses.
  4. Songfy Cafe = Home items; Sponge wipes, paper towel , Cloth wipes.
  5. Bus Staion = Weather gear and miscellaneous.
  6. Market Area = sells anything.
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