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Nova Lands Materials (Honey Eggs, Red Jelly, Titanium Ore)

How to Get Materials in Nova Lands

Nova Lands How to Get Materials.

Nutritious Eggs (Honey Eggs)

‘Honey’ Nutritious Eggs come from honey covered twig bushes. Honey bushes produce bees.

BirBees will search the island for berry bushes. They will hit the bush knocking all the berries off then take one back to their honey bush. It is the berries that they bring back that causes the honey bush to produce more eggs.

If you want to make more honey bushes, you have to NOT harvest the eggs. Once 4 eggs appear on one, it will look like it is on fire. A little while later, all the eggs will disappear and a large Queen BirBee will appear. The queen will fly randomly around the island until it flies into an empty twig bush. It will then transform that bush into a honey bush.

Later when you research the ‘Ranching II’ tech, Queens can be captured and brought to other islands to turn their bushes into honey bushes.

A later island will give you access to berry trees (much bigger than the bushes). These produce much more berries, allowing your BirBees to harvest fruit much quicker.

You will eventually get access to a relic that allows you to move buildings. You can plant a twig bush on a farm plot, let a queen turn it into a honey bush, then move the honey bush to wherever you want on the island.

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You can remove the honey from a bush by attacking the bush.

You can place feeders filled with berries right next to the honey tress to make your BirBees produce eggs even faster.

Red Jelly

Red Jelly comes from harvesting the dead corpses of JellyPink Enemies (Red Jellyfish Enemies).

JellyPinks DO NOT SPAWN naturally. When a JellyBlue spawns, if there is a WILD (not player planted) juice plant (green spire plant with a red glob at the end found in the winter island), the JellyBlue will fire at the plant, dislodging the red juice ball. It will then eat the red juice, turning into a JellyPink.

There are TWO islands that have JellyBlue spawns the winter and the water islands. You can force the Jellies to turn pink by placing juice balls in animal feeders (found under farming). I suggest spreading a bunch of feeders around their spawn area. Don’t forget that you will need one Fighter Bot set to ‘Hunting’ the JellyPink and another Collector Drone set to harvesting the corpse.

Titanium Ore

Titanium ore comes from titanium rocks. You can’t break those rocks without first getting a tech upgrade that requires titanium ingots.

To get your first batch of ore, just kill then harvest the corpse of the enemies that eat the rocks that are around that area. They will drop the ore. You can farm Titanium ore either by killing then harvesting the Arabeetle corpses near the titanium rocks, or by harvesting the rocks after you get the ‘hard rocks’ tech upgrade.

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Poop, Gold Nuggets & Animal Scale (Looks Like a Brown Leaf)

Animal Scale can be farmed from Scortixas (brown lizards in the desert).

Poop comes from Antorks (Boars).

Gold Nuggets comes from Carancrabs.

Once you research Ranching II, you can use your harvesting tool to capture the appropriate enemy. Create a barn once you research that tech, walk inside, go to the back panel, and put three Captured Enemy Capsules in.

You will need to supply the barn with Nutritious Eggs (from the Honey Covered Trees) to keep the lizards producing leather, berries to keep the Antorks pooping, and rocks to keep the Carancrabs producing gold nuggets.

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