Nowhere Prophet Guide

Nowhere Prophet Followers Guide

Prepare your decks and go on a pilgrimage through the wasteland! Nowhere Prophet is a unique single-player card game. Travel across randomly generated maps and lead your followers in deep tactical combat. Discover new cards and build your deck as you explore this strange, broken world.

Nowhere Prophet Followers Guide

Followers are the lifeblood of your convoy.

They are integral to winning your battles and ultimately surviving the journey. If you lose them you will have no one to defend your prophet against the enemy.

Deck Building
All the followers in your convoy are available to create your Convoy Deck. You can freely add or remove followers form your deck up to the maximum of 30 cards. Removing followers from your deck will keep them in your convoy as normal.

Note that the followers in your deck are more important, and thus better protected against the dangers of the road. They are less likely to take wounds or die in events or when starving.

Recruiting & Rarities
You can recruit new followers in special locations on the map and you can also find them in events. Also, when enemies surrender, you can sometimes recruit them for your side.

As you recruit new followers you will discover that cards come in different rarities: Common (White), Rare (Blue), Legendary (Purple) and Mythic (Gold).

Followers with a high rarity are generally better (in Attack and Health) and have stronger effects but are also often more specialized. This means you should take good care of them.

The rarity of a follower can be seen in the background color behind the portrait in the little colored wedge underneath the cost.

Wounds & Death
Your followers can suffer a wound, either through battle or other hazards. While wounded they enter combat with one damage but have their cost reduced by 1.

When a follower takes their second wound they die and are removed from the convoy. if a critically wounded follower is destroyed in battle, a skull icon appears to signify their final death.

Followers can also be blessed. This instantly removes their wounds and grants them a bonus of +1 to their attack. The blessed status persists until the follower is wounded.

The primary way to earn a blessing is for a follower to make the killing blow against the enemy leader.

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