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Nowhere Prophet Keywords Guide

Prepare your decks and go on a pilgrimage through the wasteland! Nowhere Prophet is a unique single-player card game. Travel across randomly generated maps and lead your followers in deep tactical combat. Discover new cards and build your deck as you explore this strange, broken world.

Nowhere Prophet Keywords Guide

Trigger Keywords

These keywords are present on u nit cards and describe effects that are triggered when certain conditions are met.

The effects of this card are triggered when the unit is played onto the battlefield.

The effects of this unit are triggered whenever its owner plays a leader card.

The effects of this unit are triggered when the unit is destroyed.

Effect Keywords

These keywords describe effects caused by cards.

A unit affected by blackout loses all keywords, card text and applied status effects.

Move unit to the front of its row and move any other affects units in this row one step backwards.

Move unit to the back of its row and move any other affected units in this row one step forward.

A stunned unit loses the Stun status instead of refreshing at the start of their next turn. While stunned a unit does not deal damage in retaliation.

Follower Keywords

These keywords are special abilities of followers and other units.

When attacking: Deal 1 damage to all the target’s neighbors. This unit can target empty tiles.

The next time this unit would take damage remove the Barrier instead.

Unit can attack or move immediately after entering battle.

The unit immediately behind a frontline unit with Cover can attack unobstructed.

First Strike
When attacking with enough damage to kill the target, the first strike unit doesn’t suffer retaliation damage.

When attacking an enemy unit, all damage beyond the target’s health rolls over to the next unit in the row, or the leader if no unit is present.

Destroys followers damaged by this unit.

If unit attacks and destroys its target follower, refresh rage unit.

If unit would be killed through damage and can be moved back one tile, it will be moved and healed back up to 1 health instead.

Unit cannot be targeted by enemy leader cards.

Unit can attack, even if it is not in a frontline position.

Unit can’t be attacked by enemy units and can attack all enemy units regardless of position. Lasts until this unit takes damage.

When this unit’s effect triggers, it suffers -0/-1.

Unit becomes the exclusive target for enemy attacks as long as it’s in a frontline position.

Targeting Keywords

These keywords describe how and what an effect targets on the battlefield.

A target is anything on the battlefield: A leader, a follower, a construct, or an obstacle.

A unit specifically refers to a follower or construct.

This refers to an individual slot on the battlefield, whether someone or something is placed within it or not.

A row is the horizontal line of tiles on one side of the battlefield.

A column is the vertical line of battlefield tiles.

Neighboring Tiles
The up to four tiles to the top, bottom, left and right of a tile are considered its neighbors.

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