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Nuclear Option Missiles & Bombs (0.25.1)

Overview of all bombs and missiles in the game as of version 0.25.1.

Nuclear Option Missiles & Bombs (0.25.1)


Unit NameDescriptionWarhead YieldDeltaVRange
AAM-29 Scythe [R]Using a combination of inertial guidance and terminal radar homing, the Scythe can engage aerial targets at beyond visual range20 kg4307 km/h120000 m
AGM-48Effective against ground targets or slow-flying aircraft at ranges of up to 8km10 kg1260 km/h8000 m
AGM-68Optically guided missile capable of destroying heavily armed vehicles, and effective against fortified structures130 kg1386 km/h15000 m
AGR-18 LynchpinShort range air-to-ground rocket with a guidance package providing limited maneuverability1.5 kg2625 km/h5000 m
Cruise MissileFlying at subsonic speeds and low altitudes, cruise missiles are difficult to detect and can overwhelm defenses in large numbers.1000 kg1080 km/h1500000 m
Ground-to-ground missileGround-launched anti-armor missile8 kg1128 km/h4000 m
IRM-S1Carried by air defense vehicles and light aircraft, this heat-seeking missile is effective against air targets at a range up to 5km2 kg2475 km/h5000 m
MMR-S3[IR]Medium-range heat seeking missile ideal for attacking fast and maneuverable aircraft9 kg2662 km/h15000 m
Nuclear Cruise Missile (20kt)Cruise missile carrying a tactical nuclear warhead20000000 kg1080 km/h1500000 m
RAM-45Vertically launched missile effective against aerial radar returns at a range up to 15km20 kg4077 km/h15000 m
StratoLance R9Long range ground launched semi-active radar homing missile45 kg4983 km/h50000 m


Unit NameDescriptionWarhead YieldDeltaVRange
1.5kt Nuclear Bombfreefall tactical nuclear bomb1500000 kg0-1 m
500kg bombOptically guided bomb with a large surface burst warhead500 kg0-1 m
Demolition BombThermobaric weapon capable of devastating soft targets over a wide area11000 kg0-1 m
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