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Octopath Traveler Accessories List: Rings, Belts, Amulets

Eight travelers. Eight adventures. Eight roles to play. Embark on an epic journey across the vast and wondrous world of Orsterra and discover the captivating stories of each of the eight travelers.

Octopath Traveler All Accessories List

Empowering Earring342 Max HP +50Atlasdam (expanded shop), Atlasdam, Cobbleston (NPC), Flamesgrace(hidden item), Sunshade Catacombs (chest)
Empowering Ring3000750Max HP +200Stillsnow (shop), Sunshade (NPC)
Empowering Bracelet  Max HP +500Noblecourt (NPC)
Royal CrestN/A Max HP +600Stonegard (quest)
Empowering Necklace  Max HP +1000Western Wispermill Flats, Everhold, Northreach (NPC)
Stimulating Earring396 Max SP +10Atlasdam (expanded shop), Sunshade, Atlasdam, Bolderfall (NPC)
Stimulating Ring3000750Max SP +30Goldshore (shop), Cobbleston (NPC)
Stimulating Bracelet  Max SP +50Noblecourt (NPC), Seaside Grotto (drop)
Gravekeeper’s Mark  Max SP +50Noblecourt (quest)
Stimulating Necklace  Max SP +80Bolderfall, Marsalim, Northreach (NPC)
Protective Earring36090Phys/Elem Def. +10Sunshade (shop/NPC)
Protective Ring  Phys/Elem Def. +20Stonegard (NPC)
Blazon of Protection  Phys/Elem Def. +30Victors Hollow (NPC), Bolderfall (quest)
Protective Bracelet6,5001,625Phys/Elem Def. +50Wispermill (shop), Goldshore (NPC), Quicksand Cave (chest)
Protective Necklace  Phys/Elem Def. +80Grandport, Riverford, Marsalim (NPC)
Blessed Blazon  Phys/Elem Def. +100Grandport (quest)
Mighty Belt  Phys. Atk. +50Stonegard, Rippletide (NPC), Clearbrook (quest)
Elemental Agumentor  Elem. Atk. +100Atlasdam (NPC), Stonegard (NPC), Western Wispermill Flats (quest)
Sprightly Earring28070Speed +10Flamesgrace (shop), Flamesgrace, Atlasdam, Bolderfall, S’warkii (NPC)
Sprightly Ring2,200550Speed +20Victors Hollow (shop), The Sewers (chest)
Sprightly Braclet5,8001,450Speed +50Riverford (shop), Stillsnow (NPC)
Sprightly Necklace15,2003,800Speed +80Cobbleston, Wispermill, Northreach (NPC)
Critical Earring28070Critical +10Flamesgrace (shop), Flamesgrace, S’warkii (NPC)
Critical Ring2,200550Critical +20Victors Hollow (shop)
Critical Braclet5,8001,450Critical +50Northreach (shop), Noblecourt (NPC)
Critical Necklace  Critical +80Marsalim (NPC)
Unerring Earring28070Accuracy +10Bolderfall (shop), Cobbleston (NPC)
Unerring Ring2,200550Accuracy +20Goldshore (shop)
Unerring Bracelet5,8001,450Accuracy +50Grandport (shop), Stonegard (NPC), Southern Wellspring Sands (chest)
Unerring Necklace  Accuracy +80Saintsbridge (NPC)
Enlightening Earring28070Evasion +10Bolderfall (shop), Bolderfall, Sunshade (NPC)
Enlightening Ring2,200550Evasion +20Saintsbridge (shop)
Enlightening Braclet5,8001,450Evasion +50Everhold (shop), Northreach (NPC), Eastern Wellspring Sands (chest)
Enlightening Necklace  Evasion +80Marsalim, Orewell (NPC), Grimsand Ruins (chest)
Guardian Amulet  Phys. Def. +65Stonegard (NPC/quest)
Elemental Ward  Elem. Def. +65Goldshore (quest)
Physical Belt  Phys. Atk. +65, Phys. Def. +50Everhold (drop), Noblecourt (NPC), The Whistlewood (NPC)
Mental Belt  Elem. Atk. +65, Elem. Def. +50Everhold (drop), Saintsbridge (NPC)
Bright Stone  Prevents blindnessSunshade (NPC), Amphitheatre, Yvon’s Birthplace, Everhold Tunnels (chest)
Antidote Stone  Prevents poisonThe Hollow Throne, Shrine of the Starseer, Ebony Grotto (chest)
Wakeful Stone  Prevents sleepBolderfall (NPC), Tomb of the Imperator, Lorn Cathedral, Maw of the Ice Dragon (chest)
Articulate Stone  Prevents silenceMoonstruck Coast, Captain’s Bane, Loch of the Lost King (chest), Rippletide, Grandport (hidden item)
Conscious Stone  Prevents unconsciousMorlock’s Manse, Dragonsong Fane, Forest of Rubeh, Derelict Mine (chest)
Clarity Stone  Prevents confusionThe Murkwood, Lord’s Manse, Refuge Ruins, Farshore (chest)
Calming Stone  Prevents terrorQuicksand Cave, Black Market, Grimsand Ruins, Marsalim Catacombs(chest)
Vivifying Stone  Prevents instant deathMoldering Ruins, Forest of No Return, Ruins of Eld, Forgotten Grotto (chest)
Fire Amulet  Reduces fire damage (0.5x)South Quarrycrest Path, The Spectrewood (chest)
Inferno Amulet  Greatly reduces fire damage (0.01x)Victors Hollow, Wellspring, Marsalim (NPC), Amphitheatre, Forest of Rubeh(chest)
Ice Amulet  Reduces ice damage (0.5x)Saintsbridge, Northreach (NPC), Rivira Woods, Road to Seaside Grotto(chest)
Blizzard Amulet  Greatly reduces ice damage (0.01x)Grandport (NPC), Lord’s Manse (chest)
Lightning Amulet  Reduces lightning damage (0.5x)Orlick’s Manse (chest), Victors Hollow (hidden item)
Thunderstorm Amulet  Greatly reduces lightning damage (0.01x)Moldering Ruins, Ebony Grotto (chest)
Wind Amulet  Reduces wind damage (0.5x)Sunshade (NPC/Quest)
Tempest Amulet  Greatly reduces wind damage (0.01x)Marsalim, Forest of Purgation (chest)
Light Amulet  Reduces light damage (0.5x)Black Market (chest)
Gleaming Amulet  Greatly reduces light damage (0.01x)Lorn Cathedral (chest)
Dark Amulet  Reduces dark damage (0.5x)Victors Hollow, Road to the Obsidian Parlor (chest)
Void Amulet  Greatly reduces dark damage (0.01x)Lorn Cathedral, Ruins of Eld (chest)
Weaver’s Charm  Slightly reduces fire and light damage (0.75x)Quarrycrest (quest)
Gentlemen’s Charm  Slightly reduces lightning and dark damage (0.75x)East Saintsbridge Traverse (quest)
Gourmet’s Charm  Slightly reduces ice and wind damage (0.75x)Wellspring (quest)
Beastly Scarf16,5004,125Restores 100 HP after every actionRippletide (NPC), Duskbarrow (quest)
Dragon’s Scarf16,5004,125Restores 6 SP after every actionRippletide (NPC), Northreach (quest)
Alluring Ribbon  Increases encounter rateStillsnow (quest), Atlasdam (quest), Marsalim (quest), Grandport (quest)
Captain’s Badge  Increases EXP gained (1.5x)Wellspring (quest)
Badge of Friendship  Increases JP gained (1.5x)Saintsbridge (quest)
Spurning Ribbon  Disables random encountersHornburg (quest)

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