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Octopath Traveler Weapon List: Bows, Daggers, Axe, Swords, Polearms, Staves

Octopath Traveler All Weapon List


TitleBuySellPhys. AtkElem. AtkOtherLocation
Long SwordN/A30+8 Speed +2Olberic & Therion
Iron Sword800200+22 Speed +18Cobbleston, Bolderfall (shop)
Broadsword1,140285+28 Speed +22Cobbleston (NPC), Bolderfall (chest)
Feather Saber2,200550+34 Accuracy +40,inflicts sleepBolderfall (shop)
SIlver Sword5,6001,400+52 Speed +30Noblecourt, Victors Hollow (shop), Flamesgrace (NPC)
Captain’s SwordN/A2,300+60 Speed +40,lowers phys. def.Cobbleston (chest)
Spirit Sword12,0003,000+60+60 Flamesgrace, Noblecourt (shop), The Whisperwood(chest)
Greatsword7,5001,875+65 Speed +4Cobbleston, Bolderfall, Flamesgrace, Noblecourt, Victors Hollow (shop)
Falcon Saber12,0003,000+80 Accuracy +60Sunshade (expanded shop)
Heavy Blade  +85 Critical +30Noblecourt (NPC), Flamesgrace (hidden item)
Bastard Sword15,0003,750+92 Speed +60Victors Hollow (shop)
Eagle Saber20,0005,000+102 Accuracy +70Wellspring (shop)
Mirage Blade22,0005,500+108 Critical +50,inflicts confusionFlamesgrace (hidden item)
Moonblade24,0006,000+115 Critical +70Stonegard (NPC), The Hollow Throne (chest)
Snipe Saber  +120 Accuracy +78Saintsbridge (NPC), The Sewers (chest)
Refined Sword26,0006,500+132 Speed +80Northreach, Wellspring (shop), Grandport (NPC)
Knight’s Sword  +140 Speed +88Stonegard (NPC)
Divine Blade  +152 Critical +84Lizardmen’s Den (drop), Victors Hollow (NPC)
Platinum Sword30,0007,500+166 Accuracy +90Victors Hollow, Grandport (shop), Grandport (NPC)
Angel Saber  +185 Accuracy +80,inflicts sleepNorthreach, Everhold (NPC), Marsalim Catacombs(chest)
Blade of Bravery38,0009,500+198 Critical +90Riverford (shop), Marsalim (NPC)
Carnage Blade  +200 Lowers phys. atk.Riverford (NPC), Derelict Mine (chest)
Great Blade42,00010,500+212 Critical +80Wellspring (shop)
Deathly Blade  +219 Accuracy +98,inflicts instant deathEverhold (NPC), Victors Hollow (quest)
Trinity Sword46,00011,500+222 Speed +100Northreach (shop), Everhold, Marsalim (NPC)
Unseen Saber  +235 Evasion +100,inflicts confusionRiverford (NPC), Amphitheatre, Grimsand Ruins(chest)
Enchanted Sword  +240+220Critical +40Bolderfall (NPC), Lorn Cathedral (chest)
Emperor’s Blade  +251 Accuracy +100Marsalim, Grandport (NPC)
Dragon Saber  +273 Critical +120Riverford (shop), Marsalim, Northreach (NPC)
Werner’s Sword  +299+120High chance of miss, attacks that hit will critLord’s Manse (drop)
Forbidden Blade72,00018,000+310 Speed +120,raises phys. atk.Stonegard (NPC), Refuge Ruins (chest)
Harald’s Sword  +380+120Increases fire damageRiverford (quest)
Battle-tested Blade84,00021,000+400 Critical +150,raises phys. atk.Wellspring (NPC)
Octopath Traveler Weapon List


TitleBuySellPhys. AtkElem. AtkOtherLocation
SpearN/A30+8 Speed +2Tressa & Olberic
Iron Spear800200+23 Speed +6Rippletide (shop), Bolderfall (NPC)
War Spear1,400350+34 Speed +10Cobbleston (shop)
Arcane Glaive2,400600+36+38 Atlasdam (shop), Sunshade (hidden item)
Memorial HarpoonN/A +38 Lowers speedRippletide (NPC)
Silver Spear5,3201,300+56 Speed +24Atlasdam, Cobbleston (NPC)
War Lance  +71 Critical +41Path of Beasts (chest), Cobbleston (hidden item)
Sunlands Spear8,0002,000+72 Speed +6,lowers evasion 
Bandit’s Spear10,0002,500+81 Speed +31Quarrycrest, Victors Hollow (shop)
Heavy Lance15,0003,750+96 Critical +53Quarrycrest (shop)
Magus Glaive32,0008,000+96+162 Quarrycrest, Grandport (shop)
Elemental Glaive  +104+173 Grandport (NPC), Forest of No Return (chest)
Calamity Spear  +111 Accuracy -30Riverford (NPC), Flamesgrace (quest)
Jaguar Lance  +112 Critical +66Stillsnow (NPC)
Rune Glaive  +120+363Evasion +48Grandport (NPC), Rippletide (NPC)
Soul Glaive50,00012,500+121+252 Grandport (shop), Marsalim (NPC)
Bridge Lance24,0006,000+128 Critical +71, inflicts blindGoldshore (shop), Grandport (NPC)
Hedgehog SpearN/A +142 Speed +84Captain’s Bane (chest)
Tradewinds SpearN/A +150+380Increases wind damageSunshade (quest)
Imperial Lance  +180 Critical +88Victors Hollow (NPC), Northern Wellspring Sands (chest)
Platinum Spear38,0009,500+196 Speed +92Grandport (shop)
Miguel’s SpearN/A +200 Accuracy +88,lowers evasionRivira Woods (drop)
Victor’s Spear42,00010,500+212 Speed +99Victors Hollow (shop), Grandport (NPC)
Jade Lance46,00011,500+228 Critical +115Riverford (shop)
Scourge Lance  +262 Critical +122Grandport, Noblecourt (NPC), Grandport Sewers (chest)
Seraphim Spear58,00014,500+275 Accuracy +126,inflicts confusionGrandport (shop), Stonegard (NPC)
Forbidden Spear69,000 +320+303Accuracy -98Noblecourt (NPC)
Master’s Spear  +355 Critical +151Noblecourt (NPC), Marsalim Catacombs (chest)
Battle-tested Spear  +390 Critical +158,inflicts blindRippletide (NPC)


TitleBuySellPhys. AtkElem. AtkOtherLocation
DaggerN/A +7 Evasion +6Primrose & Therion
Iron Dagger800200+20 Evasion +16Sunshade, Bolderfall (shop), Bolderfall (NPC)
Stinging Dagger  +26 Evasion +18,inflicts poisonRippletide, Sunshade, Bolderfall (NPC), Bolderfall (locked chest)
Arcane Knife2,200550+32+42 Cobbleston, Clearbrook, Bolderfall (shop)
Befuddling Dagger  +48 Speed +20,lowers accuracyRiverford (NPC)
Falcon Dagger7,0001,750+52 Evasion +22Stillsnow (shop), Sunshade (NPC)
Piercing Dagger7,5001,875+59 Evasion +27Sunshade, Noblecourt (shop)
Silver Dagger  +69 Evasion +42Victors Hollow (shop)
Magus Knife27,0006,750+75+144Inflicts sleepNoblecourt (shop)
SwordbreakerN/A +76 Critical +46Stillsnow (chest)
Chainbreaker12,0003,000+82 Speed +58Stillsnow (shop)
Crescent Dagger  +88 Evasion +57,inflicts poisonNoblecourt (NPC)
Trickster’s Dagger20,0005,000+98 Evasion +68Wellspring (shop)
Soul Knife37,0009,250+98+188 Everhold (shop), Noblecourt (NPC)
Gideon’s DaggerN/A +118 Speed +61,lowers phys. atk.The Sewers (drop)
Rune Knife  +128+242 Grandport Sewers (drop)
Gaolbreaker  +132 Critical +65Tomb of the Imperator, Rivira Woods (chest)
Skybreaker31,0007,750+162 Critical +73Northreach, Wellspring (shop)
Justice Breaker  +166 Speed +98Grandport (NPC), Undertow Cove (Chest)
Adamantine DaggerN/A +167+299Evasion +98, increases dark damageStonegard (Quest)
Crimson Dagger35,0008,750+172 Evasion +101,lowers phys. atk.Everhold (shop)
Assassin’s Dagger40,00010,000+196+119Evasion +119Noblecourt (shop)
Heathcote’s DaggerN/A +199+346Increases fire damageBolderfall (quest)
Doombreaker43,00010,750+202 Critical +123Northreach (shop)
Ultimate Breaker  +242 Speed +128,inflicts confusionGrandport (NPC)
Legion Dagger55,00013,750+263 Evasion +129Everhold (shop), Victors Hollow, (NPC), Grandport Sewers (chest)
Forbidden Dagger72,00018,000+285+155Lowers fire and dark damageStillsnow (NPC), Forest of Purgation, Maw of the Ice Dragon
Viper Dagger61,750 +332 Speed +132,inflicts poisonDuskbarrow (NPC)
Battle-tested Dagger  +380 Evasion +140,lowers accuracyUndertow Cove (NPC)


TitleBuySellPhys. AtkElem. AtkOtherLocation
Handaxe 30+8 Accuracy +4Alfyn & H’aanit
Iron Axe200800+24 Accuracy +12Clearbrook (shop), Bolderfall (NPC)
Arcane Hatchet1,800450+36+36 Sunshade, Clearbrook, Bolderfall (shop), S’warkii(shop)
Battle Axe2,000500+40 Accuracy +6S’warkii (shop, NPC)
Enchanted Axe  +40+98Inflicts sleepSaintsbridge (NPC), Carrion Caves (chest)
Silver Axe3,000750+43 Accuracy +12Saintsbridge (NPC), Clearbrook (hidden item)
Magus Hachet18,0004,500+62+120 Bolderfall (expanded shop),
Cleaver8,0002,000+70 Critical +14Clearbrook, Goldshore (shop)
Heavy Axe7,5001,875+76 Critical +24Stonegard (shop)
Soul Hatchet  +78+147 Goldshore (NPC), Hoarfrost Grotto (chest)
Double Tomahawk  +95 Accuracy +198, Regular attacks hit twiceStonegard (NPC), Northreach (quest)
Steel Axe38,0009,500+96-20Lowers elem. atk.Clearbrook (NPC)
Elemental Hatchet  +98+206 Saintsbridge (shop)
Rune Hatchet  +100+278 South Orewell Pass (NPC), Lord’s Manse (chest)
Spirit Hatchet  +102+211 Grandport, Marsalim (NPC)
Omar’s AxeN/A +102 Accuracy +44Morlock’s Manse (drop)
Adamantine Hatchet44,00011,000+112+230 Orewell (shop), Grandport (NPC)
Viking Axe16,0004,000+113 Accuracy +38Goldshore (shop)
Argent Axe  +122 Critical +48Clearbrook (NPC), The Hollow Throne (Chest)
Horn Cleaver22,0005,500+134 Critical +52Stonegard (Shop)
Rock Cleaver  +156 Critical +64Stonegard (NPC), The Whitewood (chest)
Bear Cleaver31,0007,750+181 Critical +72,lowers phys. atk.Saintsbridge, Orewell (shop), Grandport (NPC)
Graviton Axe34,0008,500+186 Critical +74Goldshore, Stillsnow, Marsalim (shop), Grandport(NPC)
Lizardking’s Axe  +192+88Increases lightning damageLizardmen’s Den (drop)
Inferno Axe  +199 Accuracy +82,lowers elem. def.Stonegard, Marsalim (NPC), Quicksand Caves(chest)
Hill Cleaver40,00010,000+221 Critical +86Quarrycrest (shop), Grandport (NPC), Orewell(hidden item)
Gargantuan Axe48,00012,000+248 Accuracy +98,lowers phys. def.Marsalim (shop, NPC)
Golden Axe  +265 Critical +100Clearbrook (NPC)
Ogre Cleaver60,00015,000+286 Critical +110Orewell (shop), Grandport (NPC)
Battle-tested Axe  +350+250Increases ice/lightning damageVictors Hollow (NPC)
Death Cleaver  +380 Critical +140, inflicts poisonWispermill (NPC), Bolderfall (NPC), Everhold Tunnels (chest)
Forbidden Axe66,00016,500+391 Accuracy -50, Speed +80Wellspring (NPC)
Memorial AxeN/A +400 Speed +150,lowers elem. def.Clearbrook (quest)


TitleBuySellPhys. AtkElem. AtkOtherLocation
Longbow 30+8+1Accuracy +2Tressa & H’aanit
Composite Bow800200+18+16Accuracy +20S’warkii (shop), Bolderfall (NPC)
Stone Bow  +29 Accuracy +33Atlasdam (NPC), S’warkii (Chest)
Arcane Bow  +38+52Lowers elem. atk.Bolderfall, S’warkii (NPC), Cobbleston (hidden item)
Wolf’s Bow2,600650+42+34Accuracy +22Rippletide, Bolderfall, S’warkii, Flamesgrace(shop)
Magus’s Bow10,0002,500+58+62 Stonegard, Stillsnow (shop)
Killer Bow8,0002,000+60+30Accuracy +30Flamesgrace, Stonegard (shop)
Heavy Bow11,4002,850+69+66Accuracy +44Rippletide (NPC), Whistling Cavern (chest)
Soul Bow  +82+72Accuracy +52Stillsnow (hidden item)
Tomahawk Bow28,0007,000+96+84Accuracy +61Victors Hollow (shop)
Soldier’s Longbow12,0003,000+98 Critical +14,lowers phys. def.S’warkii, Stonegard (shop), Stonegard (hidden item)
Spirit Bow  +101+142Inflicts sleepMarsalim (NPC, chest)
Shadow Bow  +103 Accuracy +82,inflicts blindStonegard, Victors Hollow (NPC)
Marksman’s Longbow  +105 Critical +22Stonegard (NPC)
Elemental Bow22,0005,500+108+98Accuracy +74Bolderfall (expanded shop)
Huntress’s Longbow28,0007,000+128 Critical +43Victors Hollow, Stillsnow, Marsalim (shop), Black Market (chest)
Brilliant Bow37,0009,250+152+176Accuracy +88Marsalim (shop), Grandport (NPC)
Adamantine Bow43,00010,750+178+208 Grandport (shop)
Pirate’s Longbow35,0008,750+181 Critical +77Grandport (shop)
Augmented Bow of the Falcon  +182+182Critical +62Wellspring (NPC), Forest of Rubeh (chest)
Master’s Longbow  +192 Critical +85,inflicts poisonGrandport, Everhold (NPC), Northreach (chest)
Rune Bow  +198+202Accuracy +96Everhold (NPC), Ruins of Eld (chest)
Hyperion Bow59,00014,750+219+261Accuracy +115Marsalim (shop)
Yeti’s Longbow47,00011,750+229 Critical +95,inflicts blindNorthreach (shop)
Primeval Bow of Storms  +241+342Increases wind damageVictors Hollow (quest)
Holy Longbow  +246 Critical +103Saintsbridge (NPC), Dragonsong Fane (quest)
Improved Bow of the Eagle  +276+204Critical +70Loch of the Lost King (chest), Duskbarrow(hidden item)
Forbidden Bow71,300 +282 Critical +121, increases encounter rateGoldshore (NPC)
Transcendent Bow of ShadowsN/A +306+245Inflicts confusionWellspring (quest)
Battle-tested Bow84,00021,000+384 Critical +186,lowers phys. def.S’warkii (NPC)


TitleBuySellPhys. AtkElem. AtkOtherLocation
Staff 30+1+8Critical +2Ophilia & Cyrus
Stone Rod800200+4+22Evasion +16Flamesgrace (shop)
Light Staff800200+8+24 Atlasdam (shop)
Quartz Rod2,400600+12+38Evasion +10Rippletide, Flamesgrace, Atlasdam (shop)
Flail8,0002,000+68+42Critical +14Quarrycrest (shop)
Pole Mace  +76+51Critical +23Quarrycrest (NPC), Untouched Sanctum (chest)
Composite Staff  +18+44Inflicts sleepAtlasdam, Flamesgrace (NPC)
Larurel Staff  +24+52 Stonegard (NPC)
War Hammer30,0007,500+152+66Crtical +42Saintsbridge (Shop), Riverford (NPC)
Oak Staff8,0002,000+16+68 Atlasdam, Saintsbridge (shop)
Psychic Staff   +78Lowers elem. def.Twin Falls, The Murkwood (chest)
Sturdy Quartz Rod  +49+89Evasion +26Yvon’s Birthplace (chest)
Staff of Wonders16,0004,000+56+92Lowers elem. atk.Saintsbridge, Quarrycrest (shop)
Mage’s Staff18,0004,500+62+98 Atlasdam (expanded shop)
Sledgehammer  +171+98Critical +60Grandport (NPC), The Forgotten Grotto (chest)
Morning Star42,000 +196+102Critical +72Wispermill (shop), Grandport (NPC)
Black StaffN/A +71+112Inflicts blindSeaside Grotto (drop)
Giant’s Club  +229+112Crtical +86Riverford (NPC), Ebony Grotto (chest)
Sapphire Rod32,0008,000+82+158Evasion +49Goldshore, Duskbarrow (shop)
Sturdy Sapphire Rod  +89+176Evasion +62Duskbarrow (NPC), Loch of the Lost King (chest)
Wisdom Staff40,00010,000+98+188Inflicts confusionDuskbarrow (shop), Everhold (NPC)
Meteorite Rod45,00011,250+98+216Evasion +77Duskbarrow (shop), Amphitheatre (NPC)
Enchanted Rod  +91+242Lowers elem. def.Amphitheatre, Refuge Ruins (chest)
Mattias’s Scepter  +116+268Lowers elem. atk.Ebony Grotto (drop)
Forbidden Staff74,250 -100+285Critical -50Saintsbridge (NPC)
Yggdrasil Staff60,00015,000+121+289 Wispermill (shop), Riverford (NPC)
Absolute Zero Staff  +132+293Increases ice damageRippletide (quest)
Wizard’s Rod  +113+300Inflicts poisonGoldshore, Grandport, Northreach (NPC), Shrine of the Archmagus (chest)
Knowledge Staff  +111+333Speed +99Bolderfall (NPC), Everhold Tunnels (chest)
Bishop’s Staff  +187+352Increases light damageFlamesgrace (NPC), Wispermill (quest)
Battle-tested Staff90,00022,500+212+399Lowers speedSaintsbridge (NPC)

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