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Octopath Traveler How to Beat Blotted Viper (Boss Fight)

Octopath Traveler How to Beat Blotted Viper

Items Acquired
Bottle of Poison, Dust Herb of Healing

This Blotted Viper isn’t too hard of a boss fight as long as you stay on top of your health. The biggest danger here is the fact that it can poison you, so be sure to heal from that whenever you are affected as you do not want to take 70+ extra damage per round for no reason.

That being said, the Blotted Viper has four shield points, but is weak to your main weapon (Axe) and Ice. It’s a good idea to build booster points for the first round and attack with your axe and then unleash a boosted (x4) icicle attack on the snake for around 290 damage. Note that a boosted (x4) Axe attack does nearly that amount of damage as well (usually around two 60+ attacks and two 70-80+ attacks), so you could opt to save your SP as well if you wish.

After that first round, you are going to want to do around two normal attacks (for boost points) and then a boosted (x2) Axe attack to make the Viper lose a turn, then unleash your rage. Keep that pattern up to reduce its turns a bit from here on out. This pattern will need to include the occasional healing (your first aid ability is good enough) and at least one SP item in there somewhere if you need it. Keep up that pattern though and you will take the Blotted Viper out eventually rather easily, as with your new vest the Viper really can’t do more than 30+ damage against you.

After 4-5 big attacks using this strategy, the Blotted Viper will finally agree to share some of its venom with you. When it falls you will also get a Bottle of Poison Dust. Very nice.

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