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Octopath Traveler How to Beat Ghisarma (Boss Fight)

Octopath Traveler How to Beat Ghisarma

Items Acquired
Healing Grape Bunch

Note that the shield points are so high here because BK is playing with Alfyn and Therion in his party. If you are fighting Ghisarma alone with H’aanit, you will only have 5 SP to deal with (which is probably better, as I’ll point out in a bit).

Ghisarma was driven from his home and is terrorizing the forest, so he needs to be put down.

This is a fairly fun fight, whether you have party members or not. One of the things that makes this fight a bit easier is one of H’aanit’s moves. “Rain of Arrows” is very effective against Ghisarma as you can just melt through his Shield as each shot counts towards a Break. This is very reliable if you are on your own, but if you have other people consider using accuracy items or H’aanit’s “Aim” ability if you have it.

In particular, as the fight wears on you want to try and break Ghisarma when you see him “Preparing to Pounce” (you want to either break him or defend), due to the damage he can do. The other big tips we have is the fact that Ghisarma can be poisoned and blinded throughout the fight (use your Forest Fox beast summon to try blinding him, which is quite nice).

The other tip we have for you is that at times (mainly near the middle to end of the fight), Ghisarma will “Appear ready to respond to any attack”. This is a good time to heal or buff if you can. Now let’s go over his moves!

  • Attack: Ghisarma’s basic physical attack. He’ll claw you for around 30+ damage if you aren’t guarding.
  • Scratch: Ghisarma’s enhanced attack. This will deal around 60 damage if you aren’t guarding (perhaps a little less… still, you’d rather see a normal attack for sure).
  • “Appears ready to respond to any attack”: Ghisarma is ready to counter anything you throw at him. Like we mentioned up above, this is a good time to heal, especially your SP in case you need to use your Rain of Arrows attack some more (that move is so good!).
  • Rampage: This attack can be deadly if you have a party. The Ghisarma will attack three-four times (randomly if you have a party). If you are on your own, make sure your HP is above half. If you have a party and one newer member (like H’aanit), you can get unlucky and the Ghisarma may hit you all three times, doing 150+ damage with each hit. Usually though, you’re safe if you have at least half your HP (unless you are just really unlucky).
  • “The Ghisarma is preparing to pounce”: This move usually only shows up near the end of battle. The Ghisarma glows purple when it uses this move. If you can, break him as soon as possible to avoid any hassle, but if you can’t (and you should be able to with Rain of Arrows), just defend as Ghisarma is going to use “Death From Above” which does major damage (100+ even while guarding). Ouch!

Overall, with the strategy up above this is a pretty easy fight, as Ghisarma is weak against arrows. Even with party members, if you keep your HP up this isn’t too bad (you’ll have to focus on healing H’aanit of course, but she’s still easily the MVP of this fight, party or no. Keep those arrows raining and keep H’aanit’s SP up.

When you do break him, a boosted “True Strike” is the best damage-dealing option for H’aanit, although if you want to save on SP you can use a boosted Linde summon to really lay into Ghisarma. Use these strategies and you’ll come out on top!

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