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Octopath Traveler How to Beat Guardian of the First Flame (Boss Fight)

Octopath Traveler How to Beat Guardian of the First Flame

Items Acquired
Inspiriting Plum Basket, Shadow Soulstone

This boss looks incredible! And so intimidating! Even then, he’s really a pushover. I really hope you brought the Tavern Patron with you from Flamesgrace because he’ll come in really handy in this fight! Despite his size, the Guardian is weak against Staff attacks and Wind attacks, making him a perfect target for the Ophilia/Tavern Patron combo. Let us go over his attacks:

  • Attack: He does a regular attack for very low damage.
  • Pyre: Uses a fire attack that deals moderate damage to one character.
  • The Sacred Flame gains in strength!: The Guardian skips this turn to powerup an attack for his next turn. Check the ATB bar at the top of the screen. If you have a turn before his next turn, DEFEND.
  • Flame of the Heavens: Deals high fire damage to all characters.
  • Sweep: Medium physical damage to all characters (if you have more anyway).
  • The Trial Begins: Summons a Dark Wisp to help him out.

The secret to this fight is your Tavern Patron. His Summon Wind attack can hit the Guardian for 3 times, breaking 3 SP from the Guardian. This makes his 6 BP look like nothing. That and the fact that he’s weak against Staff attacks makes it super easy to break his shield and deal massive damage.

Be careful when he summons a Dark Wisp. These are an upgraded version of the Shadow Wisp enemy you fought throughout the Cave. Even though this one doesn’t attack you, it starts counting down its turns. You have to destroy it before it counts down to 0, otherwise it’ll self-explode and deal extremely high damage (it did 200+ to Ophilia at Lv. 6). You’re going to want to summon your Tavern Patron and attack the Dark Wisp until you destroy it. Your ally’s Summon Wind will provide excellent damage to bring it down.

Once that’s taken care off, continue fighting the Guardian until he falls. Like we said, it’s not a difficult fight, especially if you bring your Patron with you!

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