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Octopath Traveler How to Beat Helgenish (Boss Fight)

Octopath Traveler How to Beat Helgenish

Items Acquired
Long Sword, Heavy Coin Pouch

We finally get to kick this devil’s ass. He doesn’t come alone, however. We have to fight two Helgenish’s Lackey, as well as him. Hopefully, you Allured the Old Man at the entrance of Sunshade so this fight can be a bit easier. This is an easy fight overall, and it may look intimidating because you have three enemies, but they don’t hit hard and don’t have any dangerous moves.

Let us go over Helgenish’s attacks:

  • Attack: He physically attacks you for very little damage. He was doing around 30 damage.
  • Double Slap: Similar to this regular attack, only that he hits twice for around 20 damage per hit.
  • Helgenish is trembling with anger: Helgenish skips this turn to powerup an attack for his next turn. Check the ATB bar at the top of the screen. If you have a turn before his next turn, DEFEND.
  • Know Your Place: This is a very dangerous attack that, when blocked, does around 60 damage. If you don’t block, this attack can easily deal 90+ damage.
  • Calls for help!: He summons a Lackey to help him out. These are the same that were at the beginning of the fight.

As for the Lackeys, they only have two attacks:

  • Attack: They physically attack you for very little damage. They were doing around 20 damage per hit.
  • Slice: A stronger version of their regular attack. Does around 28 damage.

As you can see, Helgenish doesn’t really do that much damage, except for when he wants to whip Primrose. Make sure to keep your HP above 100 (at least) at all times. Also, when he summons his Lackeys, remember that they are weak to Darkness, so use Moonlight Waltz to break his shield and then powerup a Moonlight Waltz to Lv. 4 to kill it in one hit.

As for Helgenish, it’s a good idea to chomp at his SP (Shield Points) with your regular attacks until you finally break his shield, in which you should use 3 BP to attack him 4 times.Make sure to Summon your Old Man as soon as you can because his Spear attacks help break Helgenish’s shield. He also does a ton of damage each time, so the more the better.

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