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Octopath Traveler How to Beat Omar (Boss Fight)

Octopath Traveler How to Beat Omar

Items Acquired
Omar’s Axe, Healing Grape (M)

As we’ve said a few times, this is a tough fight. Hopefully you paid attention to the note above and have purchased better equipment, got your support skills full and leveled up to 24+.

The biggest issue with this fight is the fact that each of these enemies can do hit-all attacks for 400+ damage. Even if you’ve prepared, you can get a bad spin of luck and have all of them use this attack for 1,200 damage (which… yeah, you may as well start over if that happens). You can lessen the chance of that happening by having someone like Olberic use his taunt move, but we don’t recommend it.

The best thing you can do in this fight is take out the Footmen as soon as possible. This reduces the overall damage output immensely as the won’t do the “Vacuum Slice” if they are gone. Sure, Omar may summon them back with his “Call Comrades” ability, but they come back much weaker than normal and chances are good he won’t do it for awhile. The best way to get rid of these guys is with Cyrus two-hit thunder attack, Tressa’s multi-hit wind attack and Olberic’s hit-all sword attack. Keep them in broken status and use Cyrus’ boosted thunder attack to help take them out (it will likely take a few broken cycles to get this done).

In the meantime, focus on keeping your healing up. Ophilia is the best pick here, but if you’re like me and are forced to, you can use Alfyn in a pinch. His “Concoct” skill can come in handy here (mainly with the “Healing Mist” spell, which is Soothing Dust + Essence of Grape… 800 health to everyone is just perfect for this fight).

After that, our focus is breaking Omar as often as we can, which can get harder and harder with his “Tightens Defenses” ability. Still, save up Cyrus’ BP and use enhanced dual-hit ice spells to do 2,400+ damage (have everyone else save their BP to take him down again when you can… also, if you can use empoison and DEF DOWN moves).

That’s the general strategy here. Omar has a lot of HP, so you may need to use items at some point to restore your SP. Let’s go over the attacks in this fight:

  • Attack: Omar or one of his footmen will do physical damage to one character (around 200 damage).
  • Slice: The footman do a slightly stronger attack to one character (300-350).
  • Vacuum Slice: The footmen will hit the entire party for moderate damage (450+).
  • Sideswipe: Omar will hit the entire party for moderate damage (450+).
  • Violent Attack: The footman will launch into a vicious assault for around 5 attacks to random party members.
  • Worth his money: Omar goes into a powered-up state (purple energy around him). If you don’t break him, his next attack will be an “Overhead Swing” that can hit you for 1,300+ damage. Ouch! Do your best to break him when he does this!
  • Omar tightens his defenses: You’ll start to see this move when you start to break Omar. The good news is that this isn’t attack, but by using it Omar increases his shield points by 2. This is permanent as well. Ugh…
  • Money is Power, and Morale is High: Omar usually only does this move late in the fight and when he has allies. For good reason: this move gives everyone buffs (Evasion up, DEF up, ELE DEF up). Annoying, but it disappears after three turns and you can break them all regardless.

This is a hard fight, there’s no doubt about it. Use the strategies above to make it much more manageable though and you can get through this.

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