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Octopath Traveler How to Beat Orlick (Boss Fight)

Octopath Traveler How to Beat Orlick

Items Acquired
Inspiriting Plum (M), Inspiriting Plum Basket

This fight is a pretty good one overall. We should note that this is our third “Chapter 2 Boss Fight” which makes it a tad easier thanks to our increased levels.

This fight is also somewhat unique as Orlick is not alone: he comes with two bodyguards that will shield him from direct attack. While they both live, he cannot be broken (although he can still be hurt by hit-all moves).

So our goal is to take out the bodyguards as soon as we can. Cyrus helps a lot here as they are both weak to Ice attacks, and anyone with a sword will help as well. Try to break them while having a lot of your boost points left so you can really whittle their HP down once they are broken (use Cyrus’ dual-ice attack or Olberic’s Level Slash / Cross Slash to really hurt them). Be sure to have someone set aside for healing when you need it as Olrick by himself can take out chunks of HP (600+) on any given turn.

Once you get down to Olrick you should have several turns to break and hurt him. Use your weaker characters to burn down his shield points and save your boosts for the hard hitters (Olberic’s Spearhead attack served me well here as did Alfyn’s Amputation move). When you break his bodyguards, Olrick will start to do his stronger attacks (like Mighty Slash, Rage and “Channeling his Arcane Energies… see the move list below).

Later on in the fight Olrick will pull out another surprise and summon a Golem. Note however that this thing does not protect him like the bodyguards did. It’s advisable to take out Olrick first and foremost if you’ve got him into the red, although you should definitely feel free to break the Golem as well to get a few rounds free from his attacks (he can do some nasty moves as well… again see the move list below).

Keep the dedicated healing up and throw in an item every now and again when you need to (those occasional Healing Grape Bunches and SP items help a ton) and you’ll have this fight down. Now, as usual, let’s go over this bosses moves:

  • Attack: Olrik’s basic attack (although the Bodyguards and the Golem can also do regular attacks). Olrik will do 300+ damage while everyone else will do less.
  • Hack: This is one of the bodyguard’s moves. They will do three quick attacks to one character, for around 100 damage each attack.
  • Magic Missile: Ah, this is totally a D&D move isn’t it? Well, here Olrik will use it to do 400-600 damage to a single character (depending on your defenses of course). Try to stay up above 600 at least as this is Olrik’s biggest attack.
  • Augmentation: This is a status-buff for Olrik and whoever he has out with him (he usually only does this when he has people with him). This move will augment everyone’s attack (ELemental and Physical). Be sure to keep your HP up after he does this and go for those breaks! This lasts three rounds.
  • Mighty Slash: Now here’s an annoying move. Olrik will hit everyone for moderate damage (around 400+ to everyone). This move isn’t nearly as bad as the next one though…
  • Rage: This is the one move you don’t want to see (except for the “Magic Grenade” move below, but you get a warning on that one. Olrik will hit everyone in the party for 600+ damage. Oof. If he does this when his Golem does his Lightning Bolt move, you’re looking at damage to everyone pushing 1,000 damage, so be sure you keep that HP up just in case.
  • Activate Construct: I bet you were thinking Olrik would call in more bodyguards, huh? Nope, instead he activates a giant golem (that looks like a guardian), with more shield points and different weaknesses. Just check his weaknesses out up above and (if Olrik is hurting) keep on focusing on Olrik himself.
  • Olrick is Channeling: This move has Olrik spend a turn “channeling his arcane energy” which is your cue to either heal up or break him if you can. If you can’t, he will use his “Magic Grenade” move that will do 700-800+ damage to everyone. Ugh… a good time to use a powerful heal-all move.
  • Lightning Bolt: We’re on to the Golem’s moves now and this is probably the worst one, as the Golem will cast a lightning spell at everyone in the party, potentially hitting everyone for 300+ damage (although characters with high evasion have a good chance of dodging this).
  • Overhead Bash: This attack has the Golem physically attacking one character for around 300+ damage. This shouldn’t be anything you can’t handle.
  • Double Strike: The Golem will attack twice in a row to one character, hitting them for about 200 damage on each strike.

Keep someone on dedicated healing duty and follow the strategies up above to get through this battle and you’ll come out on top.

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