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Octopath Traveler How to Beat Vanessa (Boss Fight)

Octopath Traveler How to Beat Vanessa

Items Acquired
Herb of Healing Olive of Life (L)

With this being our, what… 6th “Chapter 2” fight, we found it rather easy. Vanessa follows suit with many of the other bosses in the game and has her two sellswords guard her, meaning you have to deal with THEM before you deal with her.

That’s OK though, as they aren’t too hard. As you can see, Ice Attacks are likely the way to go with them as your Scholar party members can very likely hit them twice per turn (and if you can do that twice per round, you can waste their shield points away). Bow users may get lucky with the multi-hit bow attacks as well, although that’s much more random. Save your Scholar’s Boost Points for when the two sellswords are broken though as you can boost a dual-hit Ice Attack to really take them out.

In the meantime though, Vanessa isn’t going to stay still. Being an Apothecary, she has a lot of different concoct abilities she can use. A lot of these are status-inducing, so having Alfyn “Rehabilitate” people is going to be a common theme in this fight (you could also have people use items, but remember that rehabilitate prevents status ailments for 2 turns as well!). Her most dangerous attack is her “Concoct Explosive” move that can hit the whole part for 400+ damage to all, but at this stage in the game that should be rather laughable (one cleric spell can deal with that easily enough). There’s always the worry of that and the Sellsword’s using “Slice”, but as long as you have 1,000+ HP you should be OK in this fight.

As you may have guessed, Vanessa can call in re-inforcements, so when you do get to her lay it on thick and take her out! You may have to deal with another round of sellswords, but if you stay on top of healing status effects and keep your health up throughout the fight you should have this easily.

Let’s go over her attacks:

  • Attack: Vanessa’s basic attack, which will deal somewhere around 200-ish damage on a decently armored, decently leveled character (assuming this isn’t your first Chapter 2 stop). The sellswords can also use their basic attack for around 150+ damage to a single person.
  • Slice: This attack belongs to the sellsword enemies, and is a bit more potent than their regular attack. By “a bit” we mean 500+ damage, so… much better than their regular attack.
    Huff and Puff: Vanessa will put a bit more effort into her physical attack! When she uses this move, she’ll do around 600+ damage to one party member. Plus Ultra!
  • Concoct Stimulant: This is one of Vanessa’s more dangerous moves. She will give everyone an ATK UP boost that lasts for four rounds. Rather dangerous! Try to break whoever you can when this shows up and make sure you stay healed!
  • Concoct Poison: Vanessa will brew up a poison and put it on one party member. This poison lasts for five turns, which is ultra-long so we recommend you cure that party member right away. Hey, at least she doesn’t poison everyone!
  • Concoct Explosive: Vanessa will create an explosion using her expertise. I suppose Alfyn can do the same, so it’s only fair! This move will do around 400+ damage to the entire party (without boosts), so be ready to heal if you need to!
  • Concoct Sedative: Vanessa will use her knowledge to put one of your party members to sleep with this potion. This sleep lasts for three turns. You can of course get someone to cure your party member, but chances are good the sellswords or Vanessa herself will wake them up with some damage. Up to you, really.
  • Vanessa called for help!: You knew this move would appear! It seems to in fights like these, huh!? If you kill both sellswords, Vanessa will (eventually) use this move (likely after waiting a few turns). This will of course cause both sellswords to re-appear afterwards with the same SP and weaknesses, albeit at lower HP levels overall.

Overall, this is a pretty easy boss fight, as long as you don’t let the status effects get out of control (always prioritize healing them!) and keep your HP up. Do that and you will likely have a fairly easy time with this fight (especially with our tip on bringing spear users earlier in this section!).

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