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Omega Strikers Quick Start Guide for New Players

Hello, everyone! In this beginner’s guide for Omega Strikers, I want to provide some useful tips. Firstly, I highly recommend playing with the WASD controls, as it allows for easier movement and aiming while using your abilities. Avoid using the mobile settings, as it can result in a worse experience. Trust me on this.

Omega Strikers Quick Start Guide

So what is Omega Strikers?
It’s essentially a 3v3 MOBA air hockey game. The objective is to score goals by hitting the puck into the goals on either side. To win, you need to have at least two more goals than your opponent, typically playing to a first-to-five score. However, if the two-goal difference hasn’t been reached, the game will continue until that condition is met. The game can theoretically go up to a score of 100-100, or it can end with a timer running out and the team with 20 goals winning.

I won’t cover the trainings because they may change over time. Instead, I want to provide a timeless introduction to the game. If you need information on trainings, feel free to ask in the Discord or comments, or I might release a separate guide in the future. Just giving you a heads up.

Game Mechanics
Now let’s discuss the mechanics. You have various abilities, and your left click is the basic auto-attack, which doesn’t affect other players. However, the right click can interact with other players, knocking them and dealing damage. Keep in mind the importance of the health bar. Damaging opponents and breaking their health bar allows you to push them into specific zones or goals, eventually eliminating them. This grants your team an advantage on the map while they are on a respawn timer.

It’s worth noting that breaking the health bar isn’t necessary to knock opponents out on the sides, although it does make it easier. Let’s move on to the topic of experience (EXP) and levels. Levels play a vital role in the game, as they are gained through various actions like killing opponents, picking up orbs, and hitting the puck. Each level grants stat boosts, such as increased damage or cooldown reduction for skills. It’s essential to strive for a higher level than your opponent to gain an advantage and unlock specific bonuses tied to levels.

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Now, let’s shift focus to playing the game effectively. I’ll divide it into two parts: one for forwards and one for goalies. Although the information in each section is specific to the role, it’s useful to understand both. Starting with forwards, their primary goals are to harass the enemy forwards and goalies, create a numerical advantage through kills, and, of course, score goals.

Scoring goals requires understanding the concept of “stuffing.” It involves timing your hits to prevent opponents from responding effectively and allowing the puck to pass them into the goal. This can be achieved by using abilities immediately after the opponent hits the ball or by delaying your hits to create a mind game scenario. Additionally, self-passing by bouncing the puck off the walls and passing to teammates are valuable strategies to maintain control, set up better plays, and create openings for scoring.

Harassing opponents is crucial for gaining experience and disrupting their gameplay. By killing opponents or contesting orbs, you can earn more experience. The orbs spawn at the edges of the map, making it easier to engage in combat near them. Exploiting chaos and avoiding the edges of the map when under pressure will increase your chances of success.

Now, let’s move on to the goalie role. Clearing the ball is of utmost importance as a goalie. By knocking it away from your goal, you make it harder for the enemy team to score. The general idea is to direct the ball up or down, potentially into the bunkers depending on the situation. Remember, timing is crucial when it comes to clearing the ball. Wait for the right moment to strike and aim for distance and accuracy.

In addition to clearing, goalies should also focus on intercepting shots. Anticipating the enemy team’s moves and positioning yourself accordingly will greatly increase your chances of stopping incoming shots. Keep an eye on the enemy players, predict their actions, and be ready to make quick saves. Communication with your teammates is key here too. They can help you by calling out incoming shots or providing backup if needed.

Lastly, don’t forget about positioning. As a goalie, your position should be centered between the goalposts. This allows you to cover more ground and react to shots from either side. Stay vigilant and be prepared to move quickly to make those critical saves. Remember, practice makes perfect, so spend time honing your skills as a goalie to become a formidable last line of defense for your team.

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The basics

Essential Tips and Tricks for New Players in Omega Strikers
A brief explanation of the main objective and rules of the game.

  • Score 5 goals to win, but you must win by at least 2 goals
  • Strike the Core in any direction, even if it’s behind you
  • Most abilities work on both enemy players and the Core
  • K.O. enemies by knocking them out of the Arena!
  • Staggered enemies are much easier to knock back
  • Earn XP during a match to level up, increasing your stats

Ranked Tiers

Essential Tips and Tricks for New Players in Omega Strikers
There are currently 8 Ranked Tiers, each with 3 sub-tiers (normal, Mid, High). When playing 3v3 Ranked, winning a game results in gaining LP, and losing a game results in losing LP. Gaining enough LP will promote you to the next sub-tier, or tier, in the list. (i.e. Rookie → Mid Rookie → High Rookie → Bronze → Mid Bronze → High Bronze …)

Placements (Rank Placements)

  • Rookie (Rank Rookie Low → Rank Rookie Mid → Rank Rookie High)
  • Bronze (Rank Bronze Low → Rank Bronze Mid → Rank Bronze High)
  • Silver (Rank Silver Low → Rank Silver Mid → Rank Silver High)
  • Gold (Rank Gold Low → Rank Gold Mid → Rank Gold High)
  • Platinum (Rank Platinum Low → Rank Platinum Mid → Rank Platinum High)
  • Diamond (Rank Diamond Low → Rank Diamond Mid → Rank Diamond High)
  • Challenger (Rank Master Low → Rank Master Mid → Rank Master High)
  • Omega (Rank Omega)

Glossary of terms


  • HIT: Any ability or effect that damages and knocks back enemies. Abilities that work on allies also count as a hit.
  • LIGHT HIT: A type of hit that damages and briefly slows enemies, but deals no knockback to players unless they’re Staggered. Generally deals low damage
  • MELEE HIT: A type of hit that scales with the striker’s size. Strikes, dashes and most short-ranged abilities are considered MELEE hits
  • MOVEMENT ABILITY: A subset of abilities that involve some sort of Striker movement- namely a DASH, JUMP, BLINK or HASTE
  • DASH: a type of MOVEMENT ABILITY that causes the Striker to dash in a fixed direction and speed
  • JUMP: a type of MOVEMENT ABILITY that causes the Striker to jump vertically and land at a predetermined location
  • BLINK: a type of MOVEMENT ABILITY that causes the player to teleport to a predetermined location. BLINKS can have a cast time, but the Striker does not physically travel to their destination
  • HASTE: a type of MOVEMENT ABILITY that increases a Striker’s Speed stat. Hastes usually have a duration
  • PROJECTILE: a type of Striker ability that launches a ranged object into the game world
  • CREATION: a player-generated object that persists in the game world for a limited time
  • BUFF: a positive effect a Striker can grant themselves or an ally. Buffs usually have a duration
  • DEBUFF: a negative effect a Striker can apply to enemy players or the Core. Debuffs usually have a duration
  • IMPACT: A type of hit that is capable of affecting 2 or more targets simultaneously. Commonly referred to as “area of effect” or AOE
  • SECONDARY ABILITY: an ability slot reserved for supplementary ability that supports a Striker’s overall play style. Usually (but not always) a mobility tool
  • PRIMARY ABILITY: an ability slot reserved for a Striker’s main tool for interacting with the Core and other players
  • SPECIAL ABILITY: an ability slot reserved for higher cooldown, higher impact abilities. In most game modes, this is unlocked at Level 2
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Unofficial glossary of terms

As the original Omega Strikers Playbook is non-comprehensive, below are the additional terms that are essential/useful for players to be aware of.

  • PING-PONG: When two opposing players are standing extremely close together and hitting the Core directly into one another, resulting in it turning into a back-and-forth match of who has the better response time, lower skill cooldown, or lower ping. In most cases, this occurs directly in front of a goal. This is NOT recommended and is relatively disadvantageous to the goalie. Instead, it may be a better idea for the goalie to kick the Core at an angle (or even 90° up or down) to get the Core away from the goal.
  • CORE FLIP: Another term used for Energy Burst. The term was first coined in this blog post detailing upcoming changes for the launch of Omega Strikers.

Strikers (Characters)

Essential Tips and Tricks for New Players in Omega Strikers
Strikers are the player-controlled characters in Omega Strikers. Each striker possess a unique slate of abilities. Players can utilize these abilities to knock opponents from the arena and score goals.

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